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FFXIV: How To Start The Blunderville Gold Saucer Fall Guys Collaboration

Get ready to take on a crazy obstacle course in the Blunderville Gold Saucer attraction — FFXIV's new collaboration with Fall Guys!
FFXIV: How To Start The Blunderville Gold Saucer Fall Guys Collaboration

With the arrival of Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.51, a brand-new Gold Saucer attraction is making its way into the game. This is the Blunderville battle royale mode made in collaboration with Fall Guys. Players will compete in a variety of whacky obstacle courses in order to be the last person standing. Taking place over the course of three stages, the longer you remain running, the more rewards you will earn. 

This is a limited-time event, meaning players will only have a short duration to challenge the attraction and acquire all of the rewards. So, if you are curious to learn more, we have the answers you need. This article will cover everything you need to know about the Blunderville Gold Saucer attraction in FFXIV, including event details, how to start it, and more. 

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Blunderville is a new event in patch 6.51. (Picture: Square Enix)

Blunderville Gold Saucer Fall Guys Collaboration FFXIV Dates

The Blunderville Gold Saucer event will run from Tuesday, October 31, 2023, at 3:00 am (PDT) until 6:59 am (PST). 

This gives players a month to complete the event as many times as possible and claim all of the limited-time rewards. 

Blunderville Gold Saucer Fall Guys Collaboration FFXIV: How To Start

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Blunderville is a collaboration with Fall Guys. (Picture: Square Enix)

Before you can start the new event, a few prerequisites must be completed. The requirements for competing in this event are as follows:

Just Crowning Around (event activation quest):

  • Any class or job level 15
  • The Gold Saucer (X:4.8, Y:6.1)
  • Lewenna
  • Players must first complete the quest "It Could Happen To You." 

Once these criteria have been met, players should head to the Gold Saucer and speak with the Blunderville registrar to participate in a show. The Blunderville Square can be entered by speaking with Wy at (X:6.1 Y:7.4) or the Blunderville attendant (X:5.9 Y:6.3). 

It is possible to compete in this event as a party or an Alliance, but the Alliance or Party leader must be the one to speak with the registrar. If competing as an Alliance, a full party of 24 is required. 

Players who have registered for a show will then be sent to Lobbyville where they will wait for the remaining players. Then, players will compete in three stages while completing the objective to proceed to the next round. 

Players will acquire MGF (Manderville Gold Saucer Fame) as a currency for competing in challenges (based on your rank in the show). This can be exchanged for rewards by speaking with the MGF trader.