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How To Get The Bold And The Braid Hairstyle In FFXIV

Pick up this brand-new hairstyle in FFXIV patch 6.51!
How To Get The Bold And The Braid Hairstyle In FFXIV

The newest patch for FFXIV is finally here! Tons of new content has been introduced into the game, and players are hard at work trying to uncover everything this new update has in store. Along with new mounts, new Variant and Criterion dungeons, and even a collaboration event with Fall Guys, a brand-new hairstyle has also been added to the game.

This is the Bold and the Braid hairstyle, which features, wouldn't you know, a half braid on one side of your Warrior of Light's face. So, if you are curious to learn more about this new hairstyle, we have the answers you need. This article will cover how to unlock the Bold and the Braid hairstyle in FFXIV. 

How To Get The Bold And The Braid Hairstyle In FFXIV

65410e4c8d254-variant dungeon.jpg
This new hairstyle is available via the new Aloalo Island dungeon. (Picture: Square Enix)

In order to get the Bold and the Braid hairstyle in FFXIV, players will need to acquire the item "Modern Aesthetics - The Bold and the Braid." This item will unlock the hairstyle from the aesthetician, allowing you to use it at will. To acquire this item, players must challenge the new Variant dungeon, Aloalo Island. By challenging this dungeon, players can earn Potsherds, the dungeon currency. Defeating each of the bosses will net you Potsherds from the treasure chests. 

654531924c499-B&B1 _2_.jpg
Get this new hairstyle by exchanging Potsherds. (Picture: Square Enix / Axiom)

Once you have your supply of Potsherds, head to Trisassant in Old Sharlayan (X:12.0, Y:13.3). Trisassant will trade Potsherds for various limited items. By exchanging Potsherds, players can purchase the "Modern Aesthetics - The Bold and the Braid" item. 

Once you have acquired this item, simply return to the aesthetician by summoning them from a Crystal Bell. This will then allow you to change your hairstyle to the new Bold and the Braid. 

The new Variant dungeon has 12 branches, so it should not be too difficult to acquire enough Potsherds to purchase "Modern Aesthetics - The Bold and the Braid." Players wanting to clear out the shop and acquire all of the random minion and item drops will likely be farming this dungeon religiously anyway. 

That being said, if you really don't want to farm the new dungeon at all to acquire "Modern Aesthetics - The Bold and the Braid," there is another way. Of course, this is by spending Gil to acquire the item via the Market Board.

New items introduced to the game tend to be resold on the Market Board at high costs, so players can expect to spend way over the odds if they buy the "Modern Aesthetics - The Bold and the Braid" item. If you have more Gil than you know what to do with, then go ahead, but it's far more optimal to do a couple of runs of the new Aloalo Variant dungeon instead.