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FFXIV x FFXV Collaboration Could Return If Players "Raise Their Voices," Says Yoshi-P

FFXIV director Naoki Yoshida has hinted at the return of past in-game collaborations, if there's player demand.
FFXIV x FFXV Collaboration Could Return If Players "Raise Their Voices," Says Yoshi-P

Final Fantasy 14 has received a number of collaborations over its history, with third-party IPs alongside in-game events tied to the mainline series. Recently, it was announced during Final Fantasy 14 London 2023 Fan Fest that a new collaboration was on the way, this time with Final Fantasy 16. 

While these new collaborations are still to come, fans are eager to learn whether they'll get the chance to enjoy past crossovers once again — namely that with Final Fantasy 15. These past collaborations, while successful, were only around for a limited time and allowed fans to get their hands on some exclusive items, such as The Prince's Attire based on protagonist Noctis' clothing.

Yoshi-P (center), with Hironobu Sakaguchi (right) and Toshio Murouchi (left). (Picture: Square Enix)

Speaking during a press conference at Final Fantasy 14 London Fan Fest, director Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi-P) revealed that the development teaam would be open to the return of past collaborations, saying, "With regards to 15, if there is a demand for it. As long as players raise their voices and let us know that. Of course, we will see what type of timing would work, and we will definitely consider it."

While this might not be confirmation on when we could see the return of the Final Fantasy 15 collaboration, it does suggest that the possibility could arise in the future. Yoshi-P went on to say that this wouldn't be exclusive to the Final Fantasy 15 collaboration: "For any time limited content from the past, if there is a demand for them to return then, of course, we would definitely consider it."

Naturally, this wasn't the only news to come out of Final Fantasy 14 London Fan Fest. The first of the two new jobs set to arrive with the Dawntrail expansion next year was also revealed. Viper, a new Final Fantasy 14 exclusive Job, is a dual wielding melee DPS set to offer fans another dual wielding Job option that's different to Ninja.