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Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.51 Notes: Content, Bug Fixes, & More

Tons of new content is on the way in Final Fantasy XIV thanks to Patch 6.51.
Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.51 Notes: Content, Bug Fixes, & More

Final Fantasy XIV recently unveiled the patch notes for Patch 6.51. Tons of new content is on the way to the game with this update, including new variant and criterion dungeons, the next part of the popular enhancement quest, and a limited-time Gold Saucer collaboration.

Along with updates to new content, this patch will also resolve several known issues with regard to existing bugs. We will break down some of the key pieces of information players should look out for in this upcoming patch. 

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.51 Notes: Content, Bug Fixes, & More

65410e4c8dd1b-Aloalo island.jpg
Aloalo Island is a new dungeon in patch 6.51. (Picture: Square Enix)

One of the main things to look out for in this patch is the Splenderous Tools quest. Along with this, new variant and criterion dungeons have also been added to keep players occupied during this new patch.

The variant dungeon of Aloalo has been added to the game, in which players will explore the winding paths of Aloalo Island. This dungeon can be entered solo or with a party of four, and the difficulty will be scaled according to your party size. The Criterion dungeon, Another Aloalo Island (Savage), will also be added. 

Blunderville is a new Gold Saucer attraction made in collaboration with Fall Guys. This is a Battle Royale mode where 24 players will compete in a set of obstacle courses in a similar fashion to the original game. This is a limited-time event, so players will need to make sure they complete it during the set time period in order to grab all of the available rewards.

Blunderville is a new Gold Saucer Fall Guys collaboration. (Picture: Square Enix)

Aside from updates to content, players can also expect to find new hairstyles, mounts, minions, Triple Triad cards, and items added to the game in this patch. 

Finally, a slew of bug fixes have also been implemented to keep the game running smoothly. While not every bug has been patched, a lot of the issues are known about by the development team and will likely be tackled as soon as possible. 

All in all, while not the biggest patch, 6.51 does bring a lot of fun and exciting content to the game that should be able to keep players big enough while waiting for the next major expansion. 

For a full breakdown of all the patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.51, be sure to check out the official patch notes on the FFXIV Lodestone site.