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The First Descendant Freyna Build: Overview, Role, Abilities, More

Here's everything you need to know about Freyna in The First Descendant, including best build, role, abilities, and more.
The First Descendant Freyna Build: Overview, Role, Abilities, More
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The First Descendant features a multitude of playable characters, each with a unique personality, combat role, abilities, and more. These characters are Descendants, super-human soldiers born to defend the planet Ingris from an enemy faction called Vulgus.

Freyna is one of the 13 playable characters confirmed so far in the First Descendant. She specializes in dealing poison damage over time. This guide covers everything you need to know about Freyna in The First Descendant. 

Freyna's Backstory in The First Descendant


Freyna has a rather traumatic past compared to other Descendants in the game. She is a victim of the Room 0 Incident in which she was subjected to toxic Black Mana gas unleashed by none other than her own lover. 

While she survived the incident, she gained the ability to control the poison circulating inside her body. However, spewing deadly poison didn't lessen her trauma, and she is still struggling to deal with it.

Freyna's Skills in The First Descendant 

Freyna is a DoT, which means she deals damage over time. She can create poison swamps to deal CC damage. She also has a bizarre ability that allows her to inflict Room 0 Trauma on nearby enemies.

Freyna's active skills include: 

  • Defense Mechanism: Significantly increases Defence. There is chance of inflicting Room 0 Trauma to enemies upon attack.
  • Decomposed Poison: Throws poison to create a Poison Swamp. Enemies entering the Poison Swamp are inflicted with constant damage and Poisoned Footprints state. When enemies in Poisoned Footprints state walk around, they create footprints that poison other enemies.
  • Dead Room: Switches gun to Dead Room. Enemies hit by Dead Room are inflicted with Room 0 Trauma.

While Freyna's passive skills include: 

  • Unauthorized Bullet: Damage increases when attacking enemies poisoned by Freyna’s skill.
  • Venom Baptism: Throws poison to attack target enemy with damage and inflict Room 0 Trauma onto nearby enemies.

Will Freyna be in The First Descendant Open Beta?

While it hasn't officially been confirmed, Freyna should be available in The First Descendant Open Beta. There will be 13 playable characters in the upcoming beta, and since Freyna was part of the previous one, we assume she will also be in the next one. 

Freyna Best Build in The First Descendant Open Beta

We will update this portion of the guide when we have had hands-on with The First Descendant Open Beta in September. In the meantime, why not check an overview video on Freyna by ChaosprimeZ YT?

That's everything you need to know about Freyna in The First Descendant.