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How to Get Valby in The First Descendant Open Beta

Here's how to unlock Valby in The First Descendant open beta.
How to Get Valby in The First Descendant Open Beta
Nexon Games

The ongoing First Descendant open beta features 13 playable characters, some of which didn't appear in last year's Steam Beta. One of these new characters is Valby, a young Descendant with an endearing personality who possesses water elemental abilities. 

You start the game with one of the three Descendants - Viessa, Lepic, and Ajax. However, after finishing the prologue, you can get other characters. Unlocking Valby isn't an easy feat. As such, here's our guide, which explains how to get Valby in The First Descendant. 

How to Unlock Valby in The First Descendant

valby research
Acquire all the materials and request research at Anais' research facility. (Picture: Shreyansh / Nexon Games)

To unlock Valby in The First Descendant open beta, you need to research four items. These are: 

  • Valby Enhanced Cells
  • Valby Stabilizer 
  • Valby Spiral Catalyst
  • Valby Code

In The First Descendant, researching basically means gathering all the materials and taking them to Anais in the Albion hub area. These materials take time to research, with most taking around 6 to 12 real-time hours. However, you can skip the research time by spending Caliber, the game's premium currency.  

material research
Click on the material to know how and where to farm it. (Picture: Shreyansh / Nexon Games)

In the case of Valby, these items - Valby Enhanced Cells, Valby Stabilizer, and Valby Spiral Catalyst - require other materials to research. It means you will have to spend plenty of time gathering secondary resources to research the primary ones. Thankfully, you can select individual materials and press Square or X to see the location, quest, and enemy you need to farm to acquire them. There's also an option to enable tracking, so you don't miss out on any important material. However, acquiring and researching all items could take hours, especially since the drops are random, so start praying to the RNG gods. 

Once you have all the research materials, talk to Anais and request research for Valby. The research is 100,000 gold. 

And that's it! That concludes our guide on how to get Valby in The First Descendant open beta.