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Football Manager 2024 Release Date Countdown

Let's look at all the details we know about the impending release of the latest Football Manager.
Football Manager 2024 Release Date Countdown
Sports Interactive

Sports Interactive announced on 12th September 2023 that their product Football Manager 2024, two decades of dedication and commitment to a vision of achieving football authenticity, would arrive globally on PC/Mac, FM 24 Console PS5/Xbox and FM 24 Touch on Nintendo Switch on 6th November 2023. Another considerable announcement confirmed that Football Manager 2024 would debut in Japan.

Football Manager Release Countdown
36 days, 00:23:26

New Features For Football Manager 2024

The most significant confirmed new feature which will have long-time fans ecstatic is the ability to transfer saves from the previous game to the latest one. This will allow players to continue saved games they have invested a vast amount of hours into from the previous year and carry on their managerial journey while gaining all the latest features. Also announced were tweaks to the transfer systemfinanceIndividual player targetsimproved match authenticitya set piece refresh and various other minor tweaks to make the game more user-friendly. Those who pre-purchase Football Manager 2024 on PC/Mac or Football Manager 2024 Console (PlayStation 5/Xbox) from a SEGA-approved retailer digital retailer will receive a 10% Discount. PC and Mac players can also gain Early Access, which will be available through Steam or Epic Games store with up to two weeks of Early Access; this will allow players to get the ball rolling on a single-player career, which will be carried across when the game officially launches on 6th November. 

Football Manager 2024 Is Coming To Netflix

No, they aren't going to make a TV series on your favourite saved game, unfortunately. However, I'm sure your journey taking Blyth Spartans from the National League North to Champions League glory would make for binge-worthy TV. SI confirmed that Netflix members, whether established Football Manager fans or first-time players, could access FM in the same app they stream their favourite TV shows and movies through. FM 24 Mobile will be available to download within the Netflix app on the same day the game launches globally on 6th November.


Which features are you looking forward to most, and which platform will you buy FM 24 on? Stay tuned for more Football Manager 2024 content on Ginx.TV.