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Does Forspoken Run On Steam Deck?

If you want to know if Forspoken runs on the Steam Deck, we have the answer you are looking for.
Does Forspoken Run On Steam Deck?

With the recent release of Forspoken, players are starting to understand what the game has to offer everyone. Forspoken is only available on the PlayStation 5 and on PC with Steam being the main curator for this game. Needless to say, Forspoken is one of the most graphically demanding games that are currently available.

Although the reviewers were less than impressed with the game, there are other players who see the game as a gem in the rough. So they want to experience the game in any way they can. One of the biggest questions being asked right now is if Forspoken runs on Steam Deck or not. Here, we will answer that question so interested parties can make a decision about how they want to experience Forspoken.

Can You Play Forspoken On Steam Deck?

Forspoken Steam Deck
Forspoken is now available for players to try out. (Picture: Square Enix)

The first thing that we need to answer is what is the Steam Deck. The Steam Deck is a handheld console that is designed to play games off of Steam. It can be plugged in so you can play on your monitor or it can be a handheld device. Players often compare the Steam Deck to the Nintendo Switch.

With that being said, nearly every single game can be played on the Steam Deck, which includes Forspoken. So yes, Forspoken is available to play on the Steam Deck. But, there are a couple of things interested players should be aware of before trying the game on Steam Deck.

Forspoken Steam Deck Performance - An Overview

Forspoken Steam Deck
Forspoken's graphical demand might be too much for the Steam Deck to handle. (Picture: Square Enix)

Although Forspoken does run on the Steam Deck, it was not made with the Steam Deck in mind. That means if you are going to play Forspoken on the Steam Deck, you will run into a couple of issues. The first thing is that your graphics will be set to low if you are playing on the Steam Deck. It is immediately clear that Forspoken takes a big hit in graphical quality on the Steam Deck.

The next thing you will notice is the performance of the game goes down as well. Gamers have stated that on the Steam Deck, Forspoken suffered framerate issues, especially during combat. Although you can increase the quality of the graphics a bit for Forspoken on the Steam Deck, the framerate issues will remain constant.

On the Forspoken Steam page, you will see that there is no real mention of the Steam Deck on it. But if you look at The Witcher 3 Steam page, you will see that there is a green checkmark for "Steam Deck Compatibility." This shows that not only does a game run well on Steam Deck, but the game also shows important things like Steam Deck controller icons. Until Forspoken gets this green checkmark for Steam Deck Compatibility, it is probably best for players to play on PC or on the PS5.

If you're absolutely determined to play on Steam Deck, then we would at the very least suggest having a look at some of the YouTube videos out there from players who have put the game through its paces on the handheld device, like the two videos on this page.