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How To Complete Ahsoka Tano Quests In Fortnite

Ahsoka Tano Battle Pass quests are live in Fortnite, and here's a detailed guide to complete them in order to unlock Ahsoka Tano's outfit and other rewards.
How To Complete Ahsoka Tano Quests In Fortnite
Epic Games

The latest Fortnite update unlocks the much-awaited Ahsoka Tano cosmetics in the Chapter 4 Season 4 Battle Pass. However, unlike other Battle Pass tiers, you can't unlock Ahsoka Tano skins by completing the weekly challenges.

Instead, Epic Games has introduced a whole new set of Ahsoka Tano quests that one must complete to unlock the new skin. These quests are already live in Fortnite, and here's a comprehensive guide to finishing them.

How To Complete All Ahsoka Tano Battle Pass Quests In Fortnite

All Ahsoka Tano quests and rewards in Fortnite
All Ahsoka Tano quests and rewards in Fortnite. (Picture: Epic Games)

Ahsoka Tano quests went live in Fortnite on September 26 and will remain available until the end of Chapter 4 Season 4. Here's a list of the challenges, along with their rewards:

  • Collect Fulcrum Tokens in Relentless Retreat or Breakwater Bay (0/3): Ahsoka Tano Skin
  • Collect Fulcrum Tokens in Kenjutsu Crossing or Slappy Shores (0/3): Morai Backbling
  • Collect Fulcrum Tokens in Sanguine Suites or Rumble Ruins (0/3): Star Map Wrap
  • Gain Shields (0/1000): Lil' T-6 Shuttle Emote
  • Be the first player to land, search a chest, or eliminate a player in a match: Fulcrum Ascending Loading Screen
  • Survive storm circles while carrying a weapon of Legendary rarity or higher: Banner Icon
  • Damage opponents with a melee weapon (0/250): Ahsoka's Staff Pickaxe
  • Complete a job from a job board: Ready Rebel Spray
  • Damage opponents farther than 20 meters (0/1,500): Watchful Companion Emoticon

How To Collect Fulcrum Tokens 

All Fulcrum Tokens locations in Fortnite
All Fulcrum Token locations in Fortnite. (Picture: Epic Games)

Fulcrum Tokens can be found across various named locations such as Relentless Retreat, Kenjutsu Crossing, Slappy Shores and Breakwater Bay. Once you land at any POI, you'll see small exclamatory marks on your minimal, indicating the exact locations of the Fulcrum Tokens in Fortnite.

How to Gain Shields in Fortnite

In Fortnite, shields play a crucial role in keeping players alive and providing them with much-needed protection from incoming damage. One way to gain shields is by using a shield keg. Shield kegs can be found as floor loot or in chests. Another way to gain shields is by finding and breaking slurp plants. These plants will give you both health and shields.

How to Be the First Player to Land, Search a Chest, or Eliminate a Player In a Match

Although the quest is self-explanatory, you may still have a hard time completing it. A quick way to finish it is to jump off the battle pass as soon as you can. Then, aim straight for the ground and be the first one to land in the game.

Survive Storm Circles While Carrying a Weapon of Legendary Rarity or Higher

The best way to find legendary weapons in Fortnite is by looting. Players can find legendary weapons as floor loot or in chests. Apart from that, you can also use Exotic weapons found inside Holo Chests, located around the Fortnite map. Some of these chests require one Key, while others do not.

Once you have a weapon of Legendary rarity or higher, equip it and stand outside a Storm Circle until it shrinks.

How to Damage Opponents With a Melee Weapon

You need to be close to your opponent to deal damage with a melee. Try to sneak up on them or build structures to get closer to them. Once you are close enough, use your melee weapon to attack your opponent. Keep attacking until you deal enough damage to eliminate them.

How to Complete a Job From a Job Board

All the Job Board locations in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 4
All the Job Board locations in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 4. (Picture: Epic Games)

Here are all the Job Board locations in Fortnite Chapter 4, Season 4:

  • Job Boards in the Grass, Jungle, and Japanese Biome areas of the map.
  • Creeky Compound.
  • Sunswoon Lagoon, located west of Creeky Compound.
  • Slappy Shores.
  • Slap N Dash.

Job Boards are easily accessible near all named locations and POIs (except Rumble Ruins) on the Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 island. Players can find Job Boards all over the map and complete multiple jobs from different Job Boards in different matches to earn more Bars and rewards in Fortnite.

How to Damage Opponents Farther Than 20 Meters

Simply, find an assault rifle or sniper rifle in Fortnite and stand far enough from your opponents in order to damage them. It's worth noting that you have to deal 1,500 HP damage in order to complete this quest.