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All Solid Snake Quests In Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1

Metal Gear's Solid Snake has arrived in Fortnite, with a strong batch of quests for players to complete for exclusive rewards.
All Solid Snake Quests In Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1
Epic Games via @HYPEX

Fortnite has rolled out a brand new update for Chapter 5 Season 1 which, among many new additions, unlocks Solid Snake in the battle pass. With Metal Gear Solid's iconic protagonist now unleashed, players have acces to a wave of new quests in-game.

These quests are themed around Snake's personal proficiencies, and will have players sneaking, hiding, and assassinating their way throughout the Battle Royale. Below, we'll list all of the Solid Snake quests available as part of the Chapter 5 Season 1 v28.10 update.

How To Complete All Solid Snake Quests In Fortnite: All Rewards

The Stun Knife and '!' Emote are just some of the rewards up for grabs as part of the Solid Snake quests. (Picture: Epic Games)

The following Solid Snake quests have been added to Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1. Note that you will need access to this season's Battle Pass to see these quests and earn the rewards:

  • Hide in a Cardboard Box for 10 Seconds (0/10) — Lying In Wait Loading Screen
  • Damage Opponents Within 10 Meters (0/250) — Stun Knife Pickaxe
  • Deal Damage With Explosives (0/50) — Solid Profile Spray
  • Damage Opponents With Assault Rifles (0/500) — '!' Emote
  • Break Security Cameras or Turrets (0/2) — '!' Banner Icon
  • Complete Page 1 Quests (0/4) — Solid Snake Outfit

  • Damage Opponents With a Weapon That Has a Supressor (0/2500) — Tactical Advantage Loading Screen
  • Use EMP Stealth Camo (0/3) — Metal Gear MK.II Back Bling
  • Use a Hiding Spot in Different Matches (0/5) — 'Hidden' Emote
  • Assist in Opening Vaults or Hacking Train Heist Chests (0/3) — 'Slider' Glider
  • Damage Enemy Players Before They Damage You (0/10) — Snake Skin Weapon Wrap
  • Complete Page 2 Quests (0/5) — Old Snake Outfit

Players will have until the end of Chapter 5 Season 1 to complete these quests and earn all the available rewards.