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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 – All Battle Pass Skins & Rewards

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 brings new Battle Pass rewards and skins, so here's every reward and skin featuring Doom Guy and Geralt of Rivia.
Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 – All Battle Pass Skins & Rewards

Downtime has concluded, and players can finally deploy back in Fortnite and explore the new map for Chapter 4 Season 1. Filled to the brim with new Points of Interest (POIs), new weapons and items, and a new combat mechanic, the hurdle, there’s plenty to look for in the brand new chapter.

Awaiting you is the smashing new Battle Pass system, which will feature new characters and two Gaming Legends, DOOM’s Doom Guy and The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia, minus Roach (for now). We explore the new Battle Pass and look at all the new rewards, skins, and more for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

All Battle Pass Skins And Rewards For Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Similar to previous seasons, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 will continue to follow the same system; however, it will boast a resigned UI to make accessing and browsing more streamlined. Nevertheless, it will feature the new season’s rewards and cosmetic items, including skins confirmed through the web mini-event.

The new season’s Battle Pass pricing remains unchanged for Chapter 4 Season 1, as it will set you back 950 V-Bucks. You have to progress through the season's Battle Pass from 4th December 2022 until 10th March 2023 and claim any or all rewards.

Let’s look at all the Battle Pass rewards and skins, all Midseason Drops, and upcoming rewards for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1:

fortnite battle pass guide selene outfit skin page 1 rewards
Acquire the Selene Outfit Skin from the first page of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1's Battle Pass. (Picture: Twitter / iFireMonkey via Epic Games)
  • Page 1:
    • Loading Screen: Reality Zero
    • Currency: 100 V-Bucks
    • Banner Icon: Unnamed Banner Icon
    • Wrap: Lunarian Luxury
    • Emote: Lunar Party
    • Harvesting Tool: Lunar Glow
    • Emoticon: Brain Bolt
    • Currency: 100 V-Bucks
    • Outfit: Selene
  • Page 2:
    • Loading Screen: Selene
    • Contrail: Lunar Rings
    • Glider: Moonglide
    • Currency: 100 V-Bucks
    • Back Bling: Lunarios
    • Spray: Moonglow, Alight
    • Outfit Style: Moonglow Selene
  • Page 3:
    • Loading Screen: Massai
    • Spray: Aerial
    • Currency: 100 V-Bucks
    • Wrap: Massai Fire
    • Music: Crooked Grind
    • Pickaxe: Board Breaker
    • Outfit: Massai
  • Page 4:
    • Loading Screen: Air Walker Massai
    • Back Bling Style: Grind Bag
    • Emoticon: Take It Easy
    • Glider Style: Flip Flyer
    • Currency: 100 V-Bucks
    • Emote: Balance Board
    • Outfit Style: Air Walker Massai
  • Page 5:
    • Loading Screen: Doom Slayer
    • Spray: Slayer’s Helm
    • Back Bling: Mark of the Slayer
    • Wrap: Praetor Shroud
    • Glider: Cacodemon
    • Currency: 100 V-Bucks
    • Outfit: Doom Slayer
  • Page 6:
    • Loading Screen: Day Zero
    • Contrail: Fall to their Doom
    • Currency: 100 V-Bucks
    • Harvesting Tool: Crucible Blade
    • Emoticon: Cackle-Demon
    • Emote: Mini Slayer Fistbump
    • Outfit Style: Astro Armor
  • Page 7:
    • Loading Screen: Dusty
    • Spray: Swing Away
    • Back Bling: Double Header
    • Currency: 100 V-Bucks
    • Pickaxe: Designated Hitters
    • Glider: Infield Fly
    • Outfit: Dusty
fortnite battle pass guide dusty outfit skin page 7 rewards
Dusty is one of the new characters to appear in Fortnite's Battle alongside her baseball-themed items. (Picture: Twitter / iFireMonkey via Epic Games)
  • Page 8:
    • Loading Screen: Boneyard Dusty
    • Back Bling Style: Double Header
    • Glider Style: Infield Fly
    • Banner Icon: Unnamed Banner Icon
    • Currency: 100 V-Bucks
    • Contrail: Spring Chaining
    • Outfit Style: Boneyard Dusty
  • Page 9:
    • Loading Screen: Nezumi
    • Back Bling: Mind’s Eye
    • Spray: The Awakening
    • Currency: 100 V-Bucks
    • Glider: Whispering Wind
    • Pickaxe: Fanged Foresight
    • Outfit: Nezumi
  • Page 10:
    • Loading Screen: Exiled Nezumi
    • Banner Icon: Unnamed Banner Icon
    • Contrail: Airbound Eyes
    • Currency: 100 V-Bucks
    • Emote: Hypnot-Eyes
    • Wrap: Exile’s Emblem
    • Outfit Style: Exiled Nezumi
  • Page 11:
    • Loading Screen: Helsie
    • Back Bling: Boba Bling
    • Currency: 100 V-Bucks
    • Spray: Ooh Yum!
    • Wrap: Hunter Purple
    • Harvesting Tool: Big Bite
    • Outfit: Helsie
  • Page 12:
    • Loading Screen: Bobarista Helsie
    • Emote: Boba Snack
    • Emoticon: Bobbi the Boba
    • Currency: 100 V-Bucks
    • Back Bling Style: Boba Bling
    • Contrail: Terminal Veloci-Tea
    • Outfit Style: Bobarista Helsie
  • Page 13:
    • Loading Screen: The Ageless
    • Music: Oathbound Empire
    • Back Bling: Protector of the Pledge
    • Emoticon: Heart Chambers
    • Currency: 100 V-Bucks
    • Wrap: The Oathbound Crest
    • Outfit: The Ageless
  • Page 14:
    • Loading Screen: The Ageless Champion
    • Glider: Commander’s Descent
    • Spray: Mark of the Champion
    • Banner Icon: Unnamed Banner Icon
    • Harvesting Tool: The Eternal Edge
    • Currency: 100 V-Bucks
    • Emote: Call to Arms
fortnite battle pass guide doom guy outfit syle phobos armor bonus rewards
Doom Guy (yes that Doom Guy) will have an Outfit Style variation of his standard Doom Slayer armor in the Battle Pass. (Picture: Twitter / iFireMonkey via Epic Games)
All Battle Pass Bonus Rewards For Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1:
  • Page 1:
    • Emote: Called Shot
    • Glider: Flip Flyer
    • Pickaxe Style: Fanged Foresight
    • Banner Icon: Unnamed Banner Icon
    • Outfit Style: Club President Helsie
  • Page 2:
    • Pickaxe Style: Designated Hitters
    • Back Bling: Grind Bag
    • Wrap: Bruteball
    • Glider Style: Whispering Wind
    • Outfit Style: Bullpen Brawler Dusty
  • Page 3:
    • Emote: I Need You to Concentrate
    • Music: Batter Up, Buddies
    • Spray: Hummingboard
    • Pickaxe Style: Board Breaker
    • Outfit Style: Phobos Armor
fortnite battle pass guide nezumi new characters midseason drops outfit style
The Ascension Nezumi Outfit Style is included in the Midseason Drop rewards for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. (Picture: Twitter / iFireMonkey via Epic Games)
All Midseason Drops For Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1:
  • Outfit Style: Sunlit Selene
  • Outfit Style: Thrasher Massai
  • Outfit Style: Ember Armor
  • Outfit Style: Away Game Dusty
  • Outfit Style: Ascension Nezumi
fortnite battle pass guide the witcher geralt of rivia upcoming rewards gaming legends series
Geralt of Rivia will join Doom Guy as part of the latest characters to be added to the Gaming Legends Series for Fortnite. (Picture: YouTube / Fortnite)
Upcoming Cosmetics For Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1:
  • Loading Screen: Geralt of Rivia
  • Back Bling: Weapons of The Witcher
  • Spray: Muscle Memory
  • Emote: Igni Sign
  • Harvesting Tool: Witcher’s Steel Sword
  • Outfit: Geralt of Rivia

We want to thank the YouTube channel iFireMonkey for their complete walkthrough of all the Battle Pass rewards for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. Please consider subscribing to their channel for more content.

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