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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 – New Map & Points Of Interest

A new chapter has begun, and a new map has been revealed. Here’s a look at the new Fortnite map for Chapter 4 of Season 1's Points of Interest.
Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 – New Map & Points Of Interest

The Fortnite Chapter 4 Map has been revealed just as we're about to get underway with the Fortnite Chapter 3 Fracture live event. Although it looks likely that Fortnite servers will be down for around 12 hours until the launch of the new chapter, it appears to have already been datamined.

Leakers had previously revealed what the new map would look like, which Epic Games confirmed in its Cinematic Trailer, although it's difficult to make out any specific POI locations. No doubt it won't be long before we discover more and understand why it looks like the island is floating in space.

New Map & All POI: Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

The Paradigm’s sacrifice after Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 saw her form a new Island with new challenges to incur, enemies to track down, and new weapons being forged. This Island also boasts new Points of Interest to encounter throughout the season.

As this is a new Island map, you can spot familiar and new biomes, including snow and mountain, and a bizarre-looking mining resource to discover and use when dropping at a mining facility. Let’s look at all the new map POIs added to Chapter 4 Season 1 upon launch:

fortnite new map the paradigm piecing together map locations cinematic trailer
The Paradigm formed the new map of POIs from space, with more to be added soon.
  • Lonely Labs: An unknown laboratory found at Brutal Bastion, but who it belongs to remains a mystery.
  • Brutal Bastion: This POI is located northeast of Anvil Square, in the heart of the snowy mountain area, which is home to the Reality Warriors. Who they might be is what you have to find out as you tackle both these enemies and the snowy biome, including snowballs to strike with your pickaxe.
  • Slappy Shores and Faulty Splits: A forest connects these two POIs east of Anvil Square, but only a little is known about these locations.
  • Frenzy Fields: An abandoned farm encompasses this POI south of Anvil Square. Peaceful and vibrant, several buildings are scattered across the farm, including barns and silos that can be destroyed for materials.
  • Shattered Slabs: This POI is the mining facility found northwest of Frenzy Fields. You can find an ominous mining resource, Kinetic Ore, throughout the area, which can be used to attack enemies by utilizing its peculiar sorcery properties.
  • Anvil Square: A quaint village at the heart of the new Island map, surrounded by lush forests and a snowy mountain as its backdrop. There are plenty of buildings to explore and find loot, as this POI may be a hot drop for the new season.
  • The Citadel: Located northwest of Anvil Square, this medieval POI resembles a fortress that The Ageless currently rules. You can face plenty of intense battles, and with Geralt of Rivia joining Fortnite soon, an encounter between him and The Ageless might occur.
  • Breakwater Bay: This POI is situated on the far northwest side of the map, and judging by its name and in-game appearance, this could be a port-like location. Its area looks to be surrounding The Citadel POI, but not more can be determined as of writing.

Some have criticized the underwhelming number of POIs for Chapter 4 Season 1 but watching the Cinematic Trailer can answer many of those concerns. You’ll see The Paradigm destroys the previous Island as she pieces together various locations to form a new one which means that future POIs could be added to Fortnite as the season progresses, but we have yet to confirm it. That's all about the new Fortnite map of Chapter 4 Season 1. 

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All images courtesy of YouTube / Fortnite.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.