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Best Fortnite Deathrun Creative Maps

If you love Deathruns in Fortnite, we have the top 5 best Deathrun maps and their creative codes.
Best Fortnite Deathrun Creative Maps

When it comes to Fortnite, the game has just grown bigger and bigger over the years. What started as a battle royal game grew into something that has had crossovers with legendary IPs, musicians and so much more. One of the biggest additions to Fortnite has been creative mode, where players make new, imaginative maps using the Unreal Editor For Fortnite (UEFN).

The best part about creative mode and player-created maps is that there are near-limitless possibilities for what can be made. Although PvP is very popular in creative mode, Deathrun is a game mode that a lot of people love. Here, we are going to go over the best Deathrun maps in Fortnite.

5. Cybercity Deathrun (9304-8449-1824)

Fortnite Deathrun
Deathruns have become a mainstay for the Fortnite community. (Picture: Epic Games)

Cybercity Deathrun is a good challenge because there are 200+ checkpoints that you can reach. Most Deathruns take after this model of long challenging runs. If you are looking for a challenge run, trying to make it as far as you possibly can, we highly suggest the Cybercity Deathrun to put your skills to the test.

4. Dino Run Deathrun (0974-1624-6147)

Creativity should always be rewarded and Dino Deathrun is a very creative Deathrun map. This map involves a heavy amount of dinosaurs and you will have to navigate through them to reach the finish line. There are a ton of environmental hazards outside of the usual spike traps, so it is worth checking this Deathrun map out.

3. Lost Temple Deathrun (0087-2350-7680)

Lost Temple Deathrun is a great Deathrun if you have ever played Temple Run. It is a pretty faithful recreation of the mobile game and, on top of that, is a good challenge as well. Your jumping abilities will be tested as you try to make your way to the end of the map. Overall, this is an ideal Deathrun if you do not want too much of a challenge but you want something that is fun and nostalgic.

2. Motocross Deathrun (1315-1148-0003)

Best Deathrun Maps Fortnite
Players have added unique twists to make their Deathruns stand out more. (Picture: Epic Games)

As you can probably guess, Motocross Deathrun is a Deathrun map that puts you on a motorbike instead of you having to run around. This is a fun Deathrun not only because it challenges you to use the motocross bike, but you'll need to forget all you know about typical Deathrun mechanics.

1. BIG Inflatable Deathrun (9696-2438-2930)

When it comes to Deathruns the BIG Inflatable Deathrun is definitely the best one to try out. If you like Fall Guys, you will like this Deathrun. This Deathrun offers very unique challenges with a  fair-handed approach. The art style is fun and on top of that, the challenges are just hard enough to where you will want to keep playing it to improve your runtime. 

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