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Best Fortnite Edit Course Codes (July 2023)

Practice your building and editing skills with our list of the best Edit Course map codes available in Fortnite Creative.
Best Fortnite Edit Course Codes (July 2023)

Many casual or new Fortnite players focus on their aiming and weapon skills to win fights during Battle Royale. But one aspect that pro players tend to focus on more is building and editing structures to outmaneuver the opposition. Of course, with the addition of Zero Build mode, players can choose to cut out building and editing altogether. But the standard Battle Royale mode still proves to be the fan favorite. 

Players are encouraged to head to Fortnite Creative and use the Edit Course maps to practice and improve their editing skills to get better. So to help you out in this regard, below, we've put together a list of the best Edit course codes to use in Fortnite Creative. 

Best Fortnite Edit Course Codes courses for practicing building and editing
Edit courses are ideal for getting building and editing practice before jumping into battle royale. (Picture: Dropnite)

Best Fortnite Edit Course Codes

Edit courses are the ideal training ground for OG Fortnite players who want to engage in high-stakes build fights during battle royales. Below, we have compiled a list of the top five best Edit Course codes in Fortnite Creative mode. 

Jordystorm Edit Course

Code - 4240-3520-4824

For players who want to hone their editing abilities solo and try out some new tactics, the Jordystorm map is perfect for you. It has a variety of architectural designs, from a cone to numerous flights of stairs and ramps stacked on top of one another.

Additionally, it can be used by seasoned players or professional builders as a lengthy warm-up before heading into the Battle Royale.

Blueprint Battle

Code - 3840-8537-4348 

Blueprint Battle is one of the official maps created by FNCS All-Star Creators and was touted as an edit race among the toughest the professional community had ever seen. 

On the Blueprint Battle map, there are 11 courses that a player must complete quickly and accurately in one go. If you want to improve your editing abilities and stand tow to toe with eh pros, this map is a great choice.

Flea’s Editing Dictionary

Code - 7301-0487-6832

Known as one of the most experienced map makers in the community, Fortnite pro, Faze Flea created Flea's Editing Dictionary. The majority of the editing mechanics that Flea uses in his competitive matches are the inspiration for how this course was set up, so if you admire Flea's moves, this can help you learn some of their skills. 

As one of the fastest maps in Fortnite Creative, Flea's Editing Dictionary will give you a quick and intense masterclass in editing at a pro level. From editing cones to ramps and floor pieces, this map will whip you into shape quickly.

Edit Hardcore and Build V2

Code - 3188-7071-2917

Players of all skill levels can practice on Edit Hardcore and Build V2 in the lengthy edit course. It includes hardcore edits and assistance for the player's skill development, so feel free to try this one out if you're new to editing and building.

Best Fortnite Edit Course Codes edit hardcore ideal for pros to warm up and newcomers to train
The Edit Hardcore and Build V2 are ideal for pros to warm up on, and newcomers to improve their skills. (Picture: Dropnite)

The time it takes to finish this editing course will gradually shorten as your abilities continue to advance, so you'll also get a good gauge of your progress. Most pros use this as a warm-up course, but it serves its purpose as a practice course.

OrangeGuy’s Warm-Up Map v1.8

Code - 9672-0800-1824 

This is one of the most well-liked speed edit courses available, and it promises to be challenging for all players regardless of skill level. Depending on how intense you want your warm-up to be, you can choose from 4 different skill levels, from Easy to Very Hard.

The map features various Ramp Up Floor Edits, and you must time your movement and edits to complete it. If you enjoy high-ground retakes, have an upcoming tournament, or just want to practice any of these techniques, then OrangeGuy's Warm-Up map will serve you well.

So there you have all the latest, best Fortnite Edit Course codes to enjoy. We will endeavor to update this article once more top Creative maps in this category become available.