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New Fortnite Emote Reveals Crossover With Lethal Company

Great assets have been uncovered as Fortnite dataminers revealed a new emote based on the horror co-op game Lethal Company, which will arrive soon.
New Fortnite Emote Reveals Crossover With Lethal Company
(Picture: Epic Games & Zeekerss)

Epic Games launches Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, the Wrecked season, and new datamined information has revealed potential new content coming to the game. The latest season, which arrives on 24th May 2024, brings the Wasteland to the main island with new crossovers with the X-Men and Fallout IPs, but another popular IP may be looking to Fortnite for scraps to sell for the Company.

Those familiar with the horror co-op game Lethal Company may have another reason to be happy to serve the Company: a new emote inspired by the game might be coming to Fortnite. This was revealed by prominent and reliable Fortnite dataminers HYPEX and Shiina, the latter of which showed a gameplay showcase of the emote.

The Lethal Company-inspired emote, Company Jig, is coming to Fortnite; however, information needs to be provided on how players may acquire it. The datamined footage does not make it clear whether it will be included in the Battle Pass or from the in-game Item Shop, which we'll continue to follow this trending news story once more information comes to light.

Nevertheless, an in-game description of the Company Jig emote reads, " Met your quota? Time for a dance break," adding that it will be part of a new in-game set, The Company set. According to information from Fortnite dataminer iFireMonkey, this set reveals that this cosmetic set includes The Employee skin; however, this skin and Company Jig emote won't be supported in LEGO Fortnite.  

As of this writing, downtime for the v30.00 has concluded, and players can finally visit the Fortnite Island map to explore the new season content. We'll update this article regarding the Fortnite and Lethal Company crossover and how players can acquire the items in-game.