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Epic scrub FaZe Dubs from Fortnite leaderboard, appears to have been banned

Dubs and waffleluls have been removed from the Cash Cup leaderboard, a sign that they have been banned from the game.
Epic scrub FaZe Dubs from Fortnite leaderboard, appears to have been banned
Epic Games appear to have taken action against Daniel "Dubs" Walsh and "waffleluls" after the two were accused of teaming in last week's solo Cash Cup.

While there has been no official announcement from Epic, their names are nowhere to be found on the Cash Cup leaderboard, where previously they were in 7th and 8th place - a sign that the developers have taken some action against the players.


Dubs removed from Cash cup leaderboard RIPDUBS dubs banned
Dubs and waffleluls removal from the Cash Cup leaderboard points to their being banned. (Picture: Fortnite Tracker)


In a video, posted by fellow player Leaffr the two players were seen landing at The Rig in all six games of the 1st May Cash Cup. 

They refused to fight each other, shared loot and coordinated attacks on players that landed nearby. 

Leaffr subsequently deleted the video and posted a Twitlonger that reaffirmed his accusations.

"Waffles and Dubs land Rig together and don’t fight a single time, yet fight anyone else who lands there,” Leaffr said. “They also rotate closely behind each other every single game.”



The circumstantial evidence was also strong against the players. They have played as a Duo in the Platform Cash Cup held the day before, and waffleluls had been reprimanded for teaming in the pro practice scrims.

Neither player has spoken to confirm their ban, with both players socials being quiet since the video had been posted. 

If Epic is consistent with their bans both players can expect to be banned for at least 60 days, but consistent and competitive integrity haven't always been hallmarks of Fortnite esports so we will just have to wait and see.