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FaZe Clan Kick Fortnite Star Cented For Using Hate Speech In Livestream

FaZe Clan Fortnite star and player, Evan “Cented” Barron, gets kicked off the team due to hate speech caught live in a Twitch livestream clip.
FaZe Clan Kick Fortnite Star Cented For Using Hate Speech In Livestream

FaZe Clan officially kicks Fortnite player, Cented, for an outrageous racist slur used in a live Twitch livestream. 

Cented’s banning is permanent and immediate. Supposedly discussed under a mutual agreement, Cented won’t be returning to FaZe and possibly the esports limelight very soon after his shameful racist outburst.

FaZe Clan boots Cented for outrageous racist slurs

FaZe Clan Rosters Fortnite Player, Cented.
In his Fortnite esports career, Cented's won over $500,000 in tournament prize pool earnings. (Picture: FaZe Clan)

Former FaZe Player and Fortnite star, Cented, was caught in a livestream and the clip surfaced on 4th July 2022. Cented said the N-word in a greeting toward other Fortnite professional players and friends after entering the Discord voice channel.

Unbeknownst to the player of his action at the time, Cented’s racist remarks caught others off guard due to the fact they were streaming live.

Cented’s hate speech was clipped and recently surfaced, leading to the immediate and permanent banning of the player from FaZe Clan.

In an uproar, FaZe Clan released a statement on Twitter entailing how the organization, and “the gaming community at large can’t tolerate discriminatory language any longer.”

This racist scandal makes way two years after Danny “Dubs” Walsh’s derogatory remark in another player’s stream back in March 2020. The only difference is Dubs is still in FaZe, while Cented supposedly “mutually” agreed to leave the organization for his actions.

As an online gaming personality with over half a million followers, Cented’s discriminatory remarks show his lack of responsibility, humane decency,  and respect. And knowing how many of their fans are kids and teens, only leaves the community feeling disappointed and infuriated.

Famous Fortnite leaker, HYPEX even took to Twitter to express his disgust after Cented Tweeted stating his departure was a mutual agreement; to which some would agree otherwise.

Former FaZe player Cented apologizes for racist comment

After an hour of announcing his permanent leave from FaZe Clan, Cented took to Twitter again through a Twitlonger to apologize for his actions.

In his four-paragraph Twitlonger, he talks about how it’s almost unbelievable he’s making an apologetic post, stating: “In your career, you never think you’ll be making one of these… It’s always someone else, but you never ever think that it will end up being you.” 

Cented goes on to say sorry many times over, diminish his pride and ego as a positive Fortnite star, and explain everything he could’ve done if he chose better.

He doesn’t talk about what caused him to spit out the racist slur in its moment, or what led him to become so familiar with it and comfortable saying it to others, leading up to it. Instead, he apologizes by breaking down himself and uses his rising popularity as a driving force and a portion of the reason for his mistakes. 

Cented states, “From 2021-2022, I went from being 'Nice Guy Cented' to writing a Twitlonger. Ego fueled, I made a lot of enemies.” Cented continues. “Rage tweeted some things, sent some angry DMS. I think I lost myself at the height of my success, in the pursuit of greatness.”

FaZe Clan Scented merch and marketing on Twitter.
Cented's discriminatory scandal is the second major case of hate speech in FaZe Clan after Dubs two years ago. (Picture: FaZe Clan)

Cented’s future steps remain unknown, but for now, the former FaZe player's permanently kicked off the team. The community only hopes he learns from his mistakes and shows it through his actions as a free-agent player from now on.

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Featured image courtesy of FaZe Clan and Cented.