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How To Find & Play Horde Rush In Fortnite

Horde Rush is back in Fortnite thanks to Fortnitemares 2023, but it's a tricky mode to find. Here's where to find it in-game.
How To Find & Play Horde Rush In Fortnite
Epic Games, Alexandra Hobbs

Horde Rush has returned to Fortnite as part of Chapter 4 Season 4, and players have a whole new selection of quests and rewards to earn by taking part. This limited-time mode (LTM), teams players up together to take on waves of Cube Monsters. Push through enough and you'll eventually face-off against the Final Boss.

As part of Fortnitemares 2023, Horde Rush has made a return to the in-game Discover tab, with a number of quests to complete and rewards to earn as part of the event. But players have been struggling to find it. The reason was largely due to Epic Games accidentally enabling the wrong version of Horde Rush and was temporarily removed from the playlists. Thankfully, Horde Rush has been re-enabled once more. Here's how to find and play it in Fortnite.

Where To Find Horde Rush In Fortnite

The Horde Rush mode might be a little tricky to find at first, thanks to Fortnite's updated UI. Typically, when searching for game modes, Creative maps, and LTMs, players will need to head to the Discover tab in-game. Now, thanks to the UI update, players will simply need to scroll down from the main 'Play' tab.

652671b4e5ecd-Screenshot _1_.png
The Horde Rush icon depicts a Cube Monster against a purple background. (Picture: Epic Games, Alexandra Hobbs)

There are two places to find Horde Rush on this screen. The first will likely be in the first row of options. You'll spot Horde Rush by its icon: a Cube Monster against a purple background. Hover over it and you'll see the mode name displayed.

You can also find Horde Rush by scrolling down to the 'By Epic' section. Again, you'll see Horde Rush depicted by the Cube Monster against a purple background icon. This time, however, it'll also have a white banner across the icon with the tag 'By Epic'.

652671b4e4f71-Screenshot _3_.png
Find Horde Rush in the 'By Epic' row. (Picture: Epic Games, Alexandra Hobbs)

How To Play Horde Rush In Fortnite

To play the Horde Rush mode in Fortnite, players will need to find the game mode first, using the methods above. Here, players will see the option to select the LTM and join a match. Quests will be automatically marked as completed as you progress, and rewards granted to your account.

In Horde Rush, players will be put into teams and tasked with taking on waves of Cube Monsters before facing off against the Final Boss. You'll need to build up your score by earning combos and scoring multipliers, all while trying to stay alive. It's a great way to experience what else Fortnite has to offer outside of the battle royale.

Horde Rush Fortnite Island Code

The official Horde Rush mode by Epic Games does not have an Island Code. This is how you can differentiate between the official mode and Creator-made modes. Your Horde Rush quest progress will only count on the official playlist. Curious to know which quests you'll need to complete, and how to do them? Check out our guide