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How to vote for Boogie Bomb or Rift-To-Go in Fortnite

Voting returns to Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, and this time, players have the choice between the Boogie Bomb or the Rift-To-Go.
How to vote for Boogie Bomb or Rift-To-Go in Fortnite

After introducing update V20.20, both the Boogie Bomb and the Rift-To-Go were unvaulted in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. But these classic items won't be staying forever because the player base must vote on which one they want to keep.

Earlier in Chapter 3 Season 2, Fortnite players were given a separate voting opportunity. This version included the MK7 and the Combat Assault Rifle. In the end, the MK7 received more votes, and the assault rifle is still in the loot pool. The same process will be carried out in the coming days, and everyone has their own say which is done in-game.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 - Voting for the Boogie Bomb or the Rift-To-Go

fortnite voting board
Camp Cuddle has just one of the Donation Boards on the map. (Picture: Epic Games)

The Boogie Bomb and the Rift-To-Go will both need to be voted on within Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. At the moment, voting is held off while everyone tests out the items themselves and forms an opinion. This is called the Global Effort Trial, and it precedes the voting period.

After a couple of days in the Global Effort Trial, the voting process will start in Fortnite. The vote is entirely community-oriented and is held within battle royale matches themselves. Everyone gets their own vote, and to use it, you'll need to find a Voting Board on the map.

Also known as donation boards, they are used to cast a vote with Gold Bars. In the past, they have been used to fund features in the game that the community showed an interest in, such as the Armored Battle Bus.

The boards can be found in areas such as Camp Cuddle or Synapse station, and they resemble the bounty boards that also exist around the map. Thye can be easy to miss, so make sure to keep an eye out as you travel.

When you cast a vote, you will be able to see what percentage of the community voted on either side. There is no spamming of Gold Bar votes allowed, so once you cast the vote, the process is over for the time being.

fortnite boogie bomb aoe
Use the Boogie Bomb during the Global Effort Trial. (Picture: Epic Games)

After a few days, the voting will stop and the losing item will be removed from the game. Whether the Boogie Bomb or the Rift-To-Go remains in the game will be determined soon enough, and the donation boards will display the winner until further notice.

Make sure to test out both pieces of equipment while you can and cast a vote while the process is live. Before you know it, one of them will be back in the Fortnite vault. If you're looking for more Chapter 3 Season 2 coverage make sure to check out the rest of our dedicated Fortnite page.


Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.