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Fortnite Amazing Web Week - v19.40 Update

Check out the new Fortnite Amazing Web Week as part of the v19.40 Update.
Fortnite Amazing Web Week - v19.40 Update

There's been no shortage of excitement in Chapter 3 of Fortnite with Epic Games keeping the battle royale fresh and exciting. Season 1 of the new chapter features the customary battle pass, and the friendly neighborhood spider-man is no doubt the crowned jewel of the free rewards.

Spiderman content was included with the start of Chapter 3 as another crossover promotion for the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home as it debuted in theatres. Along with outfits and cosmetics, Epic Games added special Spider-Man items to the Fortnite loot pool, and they've certainly been popular thus far.

Fortnite devs are now dedicating a special week to the Marvel Hero with increased content for players to enjoy. Here's everything you need to know about the new Fortnite Amazing Web Week, part of the v19.40 Update.

Fortnite Update v19.40 - Amazing Web Week

Fortnite Spider Man Amazing Web Week
The Fortnite Spider-Man content has been a great addition to Chapter 3. (Picture: Epic Games)

Live now in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, players can jump into the battle royale and enjoy an uptick in the Spider-Man content. From 1st-8th March it's Amazing Web Week featuring more Spider-Man Web-Shooters and the return of Bouncers.

Rather than just being available as special loot items, Spider-Man's Web-Shooters are now also added to the chest loot pool, giving players a better chance at finding a pair during their game. Bouncers have also been unvautled after being on the shelf since Season 6 of Chapter 1.

Fortnite Amazing Web Week also features an exclusive challenge list for players to complete, unlocking XP rewards to clear more levels on the battle pass. There are four challenges in total, each unlocking 8,000 XP upon completion.

Epic Games has also included a note that a new themed week will follow up Amazing Web Week upon its completion. So be sure to check back with us as the date approaches for all the info.

Fortnite Amazing Web Week Web Shooters Bouncers
My Spidey senses are tingling! (Picture: Epic Games)

Proximity Voice Chat in Imposters - Fortnite v19.40

Update v19.40 also features a change to the Impostors playlist as the voice chat feature has been tweaked. Previously, voice communication was split between players who are and are not eliminated, mixing both the Agents and Impostors together. 

With the new update, the Impostors playlist now uses proximity voice chat, so players will hear audio based on who’s around their character in-game. Eliminated players won’t be able to voice chat with non-eliminated players, but they will still be able to hear them and keep up with all the drama.

Fortnite Impostors voice chat udpate v19.40
Check out the new voice chat update for the Impostors playlist. (Picture: Epic Games)


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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.