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Fortnite noise pollution: What Pokimane and Myth thinks

While playing Fortnite, Pokimane and Myth discussed the Battle Royale's audio issue in the form of noise pollution.
Fortnite noise pollution: What Pokimane and Myth thinks

While Epic Games continues to add more and more content into Fortnite, not everything is perfect. Now, extremely popular Twitch star, Imane "Pokimane" Anys and Team SoloMid (TSM)'s coach, Myth, has commented on just how bad the Fortnite noise pollution audio issue is.

Pokimane & Myth on Fortnite noise pollution

Some gamers have been complaining about a noise pollution issue with Fortnite's audio, as there are simply too many things going on, such as car sounds, music starting to play in specific areas and more.

During a recent broadcast, Pokimane and Myth came to the conclusion that Fortnite has a noise pollution problem.

During the stream, Myth shared his thoughts, stating: "It still shocks me that you can't, like, turn off the music at places."

Fortnite noise pollution audio issue myth pokimane

(Picture: Myth)


Music starts playing when you enter certain areas or take on challenges in Fortnite. Pokimane agreed, exclaiming: "Yeah, this is so f%*%$#g loud! It's just so loud!"

Myth replied with: "The entire game is just noise pollution. Everything is just super loud when you use it. Vehicles, those little missions that will have random audio cues."

TSM's Myth then continued by explaining: "So you got the music, on top of the cars, on top of the random missions!"

With all this Fortnite noise pollution, Pokimane thinks you are never going to hear footsteps in the game, laughing at how ridiculous the Fortnite noise pollution has become.

The clip of Pokimane and Myth's discussion about the clear Fortnite audio issue was posted on Reddit, and it seems most fans agree with them.

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