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Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration: Start time, location, quests, rewards, more

It's the season of the Invasion and Fortnite is going to host a two-week party to celebrate their new friends' arrival.
Fortnite Cosmic Summer Celebration: Start time, location, quests, rewards, more

It's summertime and Fortnite is having a party and you're invited! Epic Game's battle royale is set for a celebration, a self-described "welcome party", that will go by the name Cosmic Summer Celebration.

The two-week event promises "new quests, new rewards, and a whole lot of fun" and is directly tied to the Invasion theme of Season 7 which has already seen players collect Alien Artifacts and be able to use a number of sci-fi weapons.

Not much else is know, though more information is expected soon, though when you are talking about extra-terrestrials how that information will arrive is anyone's guess.

We will, of course, keep you updated until then; here is everything we know about the Cosmic Summer Celebration.

When does it start?

This one we know for certain, the Cosmic Summer Celebration will kick off on Tuesday, 22nd June at 9 am ET (6 am PT / 2 pm BST).

The event is expected to last two weeks, finishing on Tuesday, 6th July.

All Cosmic Summer quests and rewards

Check out the full list of Fortnite Cosmetic Summer Celebration quests and rewards. These quests will unlock three at a time over the next nine days.

Fortnite Cosmic Summer quests and rewards time believer beach start challenges

(Picture: iFireMonkey)

What can we expect?

A follow-up tweet told players to expect "festivities (including) new quests, new rewards, and a whole lot of fun with your friends!"

So we will likely see an overarching questline, new cosmetics in the shape of skins and backbitings etc, and some casual party elements.

What is no doubt is that it all ties in with season 7 and its invasion theme. A "welcome party" that takes place on "Believer Beach" points to the game getting a few new intergalactic guests. 

Where is Believer Beach?

Fortnite Believer beach Summer Cosmic PartyBeliever Beach is situated in the northwest of Fortnite's island. (Picture: Epic Games)

The festivities are expected to take place in Believer Beach on new POIs added in Season 7, it is situated where Sweaty Sands once was.

Cosmic Party Fortnite Believer beach location

The Cosmic Summer Celebration will take place at Believer Beach. (Picture: Epic Games)

Believer Beach is marked on the map above with a red circle.

We will update this page with more information as we get it!


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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.