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Fortnite's Device event transforms storm circle into a wall of water

The latest Fortnite spectacle has transformed the storm circle into a wall of water, making players unable to fight outside the circle parameters.
Fortnite's Device event transforms storm circle into a wall of water

Fortnite’s latest event appears to be signposting the map being drowned out, with the storm circle replaced by a wall of water around the map. 

Epic Games started The Device event on Monday 15th June, kicking off with antenna poles emerging from the water around The Agency. 

The building then exploded as the Doomsday device created by Midas emerges from the centre - pushing back a storm with laser beam protective defence.

Most interestingly, at multiple points the game pulled into a first-person perspective inside an office, with character Agent Jonesy seen popping up and talking about the effects of the storm. 

Dataminers have since discovered an Agent Jonesy skin in the game's files, pointing towards a potential release when Season 3 arrives.

After this brief breaking of the fourth wall ends, players were returned to the map with a massive wall of water surrounding the area - which has now entirely replaced the previous storm circle. 

This means players can no longer fight within the storm circle as before, automatically switching to swimming mechanics which don’t allow you to use weapons. 

Fortnite water Device event
Fortnite is now surrounded by a wall of water (Picture: Twitter)

Fortnite water new
The view from above in Fortnite (Picture: Twitter)


When does Fortnite Season 3 start?

It’s believed this water wall will continue until Fortnite Season 3 releases on Wednesday 17th June when the map could change significantly, if the previous black hole event is anything to go by. 

But how it could change? Many expect it'll be submerged in water to a drastic degree, although it could simply wash away buildings like The Agency into a flatter, post-storm landscape. 

While The Device event perhaps wasn’t on the same par as the Travis Scott event earlier this year, it’s still another fascinating case of Epic Games leading the charge when it comes to evolving games.