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Fortnite “Everybody Loves Me” emote: Cost, how to get from Item Shop, and more

New cosmetic items have arrived in Fortnite’s Item Shop, including outfits, gliders, pickaxes, emotes, and more, which one such emote makes its return to the game.
Fortnite “Everybody Loves Me” emote: Cost, how to get from Item Shop, and more

Updated daily at 5 pm PT, the Item Shop updates come bearing new stock in which players may find something new or interesting to purchase. While many know by now that there isn’t a way to determine what’s being added to the shop, it doesn’t hurt paying a visit to see what’s new.

There have been a host of new cosmetics to have arrived in Fortnite, and while a few items, such as the Venom kit, will take precedence, now is the time to whip out your V-bucks and add a new cosmetic item to your collection. One such item is the “Everybody Loves Me” emote.

How to get the “Everybody Loves Me” emote in the Item Shop

Fortnite “Everybody Loves Me” emote: Cost, how to get in Item Shop, and more
Players can get Everybody Loves Me emote from Fortnite Item Shop. (Picture: Epic Games)

The emote, which arrived to Fortnite’s Item Shop under the Featured Items tab, is listed to be part of Fortnite’s Icon Series. The arrival of the emote was announced on Fortnite’s official Twitter account on 2 October 2021.


Listed in the shop with the apt description: “Open your textbook to chapter seven”,  Available to purchase for only 500 V-bucks, there is no sure way of telling how long it will appear in the Item Shop; however, it did receive some wild reactions from within and outside the Fortnite community.

Twitter user, Vidya Chat, may have seen the future as they had predicted the emote might arrive in the game.


Twitter user, D3NNI, left a few confused as to whether the addition of the emote is a welcoming addition or not.


It’s very rare that people ask for help explaining current Fortnite trends, which is what Twitter user, The Demon Power had asked. Luckily, another Twitter user, Queenie, had courteously explained how influential the song was during the early 2000s and gave a tip on how to learn more about the song.


Since it is the month of October, Fortnite has been adding plenty of spooky-themed cosmetics to its Item Shop, which players can get their hands on like the Chaos Origins Outfit. Whatever you decide to spend your V-bucks on, hopefully, you’ll be teaching everybody how to Dougie in no time.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.


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