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Fortnite Road to GlitchCon: How to watch, schedule, format, prize pool and more

Everything you need to know about the Twitch Rivals: Road to GlitchCon ft. Fortnite tournament, including the prize pool, schedule, how to watch and more.
In middle November, the massive Twitch Rivals: GlitchCon event takes place. Before we get to the main event featuring unique twists in four esports titles, including Valorant, Fall Guys, League of Legends and Fortnite, there's a qualifying tournament taking place for the latter. We've already covered the Valorant Road to GlitchCon tournament, and now it is time to look at the Twitch Rivals: Road to GlitchCon ft. Fortnite tournament. Here's everything you need to know.

Prize pool

There's a total prize pool of 40,430.94 USD up for grabs in the Twitch Rivals: Road to GlitchCon ft. Fortnite tournament.

The top six teams will also qualify for the main Super Team Showdown event taking place in middle November.

The prize pool distribution is:

  • 1st to 6th place - Advance to GlitchCon
  • 7th to 16th place - $1,536.39 per Team
  • 17th to 32nd place - $900.03 per Team
  • 33rd to 64th place - $333.33 per Team

With the main event featuring a prize pool of $99,000, the goal of the Trio teams will definitely be to get to the top six places.


The GlitchCon tournament series from Twitch Rivals is all about unique twists, and the Road to GlitchCon ft. Fortnite tournament is no different. 

Instead of your regular Fortnite matches, participants will compete Marvel LTM for their share of the prize pool.

An explanation of how the tournament works: "The 64 Trios will compete in a 6-round, round-robin-esque format in custom matchmaking games of Fortnite’s Marvel LTM game mode. Teams will earn points based on their performance in each round.

"Points are raised 2x for Rounds 4 & 5, then once more to 3x for Round 6. The top 6 Trios will qualify to play in the same lobby as the Super Teams in the GlitchCon tournament."

GlitchCon Twitch Rivals Fortnite schedule prize pool teams how to watch
(Picture: Twitch Rivals)



At the time of writing, the players for the Twitch Rivals: Road to GlitchCon ft. Fortnite tournament has not been revealed.

The players will all be up-and-coming community creators, and it will be interesting to see who shows up, and who stands out in the Fortnite Marvel LTM.

Twitch Rivals GlitchCon Fortnite how to watch schedule teams format
(Picture: Epic Games)



The Road to GlitchCon ft. Fortnite tournament is a one-day event, which begins on 6th November at 21:00 UK time. 

The tournament is expected to run until 7th November at 02:00 UK time with a whole lot of Marvel LTM action in those five hours.

Road to GlitchCon ft. Fortnite: How to watch

You will be able to catch all the action from the Road to GlitchCon ft. Fortnite tournament on the official Twitch Rivals channel, which is embedded below.

You should also be able to watch streams from the players' perspective on their respective Twitch.tv channels.