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Fortnite is getting vehicle mods and weapon attachments, leaker claims

A well-known Fortnite leaker claims that Epic Games is working on vehicle mods along with the weapon attachments he has previously leaked.
Fortnite is getting vehicle mods and weapon attachments, leaker claims

If you think that Fortnite's gameplay has become stale and it needs some changes and fresh mechanics, we might have good news for you.

Apparently, Epic Games is working on implementing vehicle mods to the game with one of its future updates.

This has been leaked by HYPEX, a reputable and reliable Fortnite leaker, who is known for datamining information about the new stuff coming to Fortnite.

The dataminer tweeted about it on 25th January.


HYPEX says that Epic Games is currently working on the system which will implement various attachments and mods for vehicles.

He explains that these attachments will be split into several tiers and each tier will behave differently based on the surface (texture) of the terrain you are driving on. He mentions dirt, grass, and road, as examples of different terrains.

fortnite vehicle attachments and mods
(Picture: Epic Games)

What sounds especially exciting is his claim that Fortnite is getting Mounted Guns and "other car attachments", which might suggest that we are getting "Mad Max" style vehicles with all kind of attachments.

He finishes his Tweet with a promise to share more details "later", so we will update the article once we have more information from HYPEX.

Earlier this month, HYPEX revealed that Fortnite is also getting weapon attachments.


According to him, Epic is testing a new mechanic called "Weapon Mod Slots" which will bring weapon attachments to the game, with multiple mod slots, and those mods can be added and dropped at any time during the game.

HYPEX  is a reliable leaker, so we might safely say that Epic Games is almost certainly testing these mechanics, but we can't say for sure if it will be added to the game or is it just something they are experimenting with internally.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.