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Fortnite Jack-o-Lanterns: Locations & How To Destroy With Ranged Weapon

Here's how to find and destroy the Jack-o-Lanterns using a ranged weapons in Fortnite.
Fortnite Jack-o-Lanterns: Locations & How To Destroy With Ranged Weapon

Fortnite’s yearly and spooky Fortnitemares event features weekly challenges that give players some cool and unique rewards for completing them. Some challenges are more challenging than others, and this week's challenge requires players to find and destroy some Jack-o-Lanterns with a ranged weapon.

So if you're keen on completing this challenge and want to know the locations of these spooky Jack-O-Lanterns, then keep reading as we will be guiding you through where to find each of them and provide some tips on destroying them with a ranged weapon. 

Fortnite - Where to find Jack-o-Lanterns with a ranged weapon

Because the Jack-o-Lanterns tend to spawn outside of homes or businesses, the Greasy Grove, The Joneses, and Tilted Towers are considered to be the best places in Fortnite to find Jack-o-Lanterns. Once you've landed in one of these areas, explore the area and look for pumpkins in front of these structures.

Fortnite Jack-O-Lanterns locations and how to destroy Greasy Grove
Greasy Grove is one of the best locations to find the Jack-o-Lanterns. (Picture: YouTube / HarryNinetyFour)

Although there aren't as many as we had hoped, if you keep looking, you'll eventually find the required amount that you need to destroy, which is five. The Jack-o-Lanterns themselves stand out from the surrounding game environment, are orange, and come in various sizes, but they are still difficult to miss.

It's a good idea to do this at the start of a match because other players will also be trying to destroy Jack-o-Lanterns for their quests. And while you can also find the Jack-o-Lanterns in more hot POIs, the locations mentioned above won't have as many enemies roaming the area, and your only competition for completing the challenge will be other players. 

Fortnite - How to destroy Jack-o-Lanterns with a ranged weapon

You might think that a ranged weapon must have a scope, like a sniper rifle, but in Fortnite, any gun qualifies as a ranged weapon. This makes completing this quest much easier because you should be able to destroy Jack-o-Lanterns with anything from a Hammer Assault Rifle to a Cobra DMR or even a Sidearm Pistol as long as you're firing from a decent distance.

Fortnite Jack-O-Lanterns locations and how to destroy ranged weapons
Destroying the Jack-o-Lantern's can be done with any weapon as long as its from a distance. (Picture: YouTube / HarryNinetyFour)

Once you've located a Jack-o-Lantern, you must fire your ranged weapon at it. As mentioned previously, after doing this five times, you'll complete this quest, earning 15,000 XP and a free Spray in the process. 

And everything you need to know to find and destroy the Jack-o-Lanterns in Fortnitmares 2022 using a ranged weapon. 

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube /  HarryNinetyFour