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All Fortnite Haunted Household Furniture Locations

Here's how to find and destroy the haunted household furniture items in Fortnite, and claim the free rewards for doing so.
All Fortnite Haunted Household Furniture Locations

With Fortnitemares now in full swing, there are tons of new content features and challenges for players to enjoy this Halloween. One new Fortnitemares challenge that players can complete requires that they find and destroy some haunted household furniture.

So if you're struggling to find these haunting pieces of furniture, then you're in luck. Below, we will be walking you through the locations of these haunted household furniture items. 

Fortnite - What are the Haunted household furniture items

To identify the furniture as being possessed, simply look out for furniture that is glowing and slightly hovering up and down. These can be any kind of furniture such as bookcases, bedside desks, and couches. 

Fortnite haunted household furniture locations how to spot items
Haunted household furniture items will glow and float slightly, making them easy to spot. (Picture: YouTube / Bodil40)

There are only seven pieces of haunted furniture to destroy in total for this challenge, but finding them is difficult because there are no pointers on the map or directions to their locations. So below we'll break down how to locate them quickly and get you well on your way to completing this challenge. 

Where to destroy haunted household furniture in Fortnite

The best area to locate and destroy the haunted household furniture is Grim Gables, which is located in the northern half of the map. Although there are several Fortnitemares-related locations where haunted furniture can be found, Grim Gables contains four pieces of haunted household furniture inside the mansion, so you could complete this quest in only two short visits. 

This is the ideal location we recommend, as it's the easiest spot to complete this challenge quickly and doesn't require re-approaching the area numerous times. And if you've completed the Fortnite Halloween event's objectives so far, it's likely that you've already been to this location, and know the layout of the area well.

The Inkquisitor boss as well as some tough zombie enemies are currently spawning in Grim Gables, making it a dangerous place to be. However, it is a useful landing spot because you can finish some other quests located in the area if you haven't completed them yet, and by completing a specific number of these Fortnitemares quests, you can some unique rewards such as the Everything's End Glider after completing five of them. 

Fortnite haunted household furniture rewards for challenge
After destroying seven haunted household furniture items, players will receive XP and be closer to recieving the Everything's End Glider. (Picture: YouTube / Tabor Hill)

Greasy Grove is another interesting place to go because it has many structures with possessed furniture inside of them. Once you've located some spooky furniture, all it takes to destroy it is a pickaxe blow, and once this is done seven times, the challenge will be completed.

You will earn 15,000 XP for completing this challenge and move one step closer to obtaining the Everything's End Glider, Chrome Cage Back Bling, and Unmaker Harvesting Tool, which are all free rewards. And that's everything you need to know to find and destroy the haunted household furniture in Fortnite.

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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / HarryNinetyFour