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Fortnite leak suggests Epic Games is working on a Tactical Sprint

Catch up on this Fortnite leak that suggests Epic Games is working on a Tactical Sprint control.
Fortnite leak suggests Epic Games is working on a Tactical Sprint

As battle royales have become more popular, it seems as though every major first-person shooter has some rendition of the game mode. Activision produces COD Warzone, Respawn Entertainment develops Apex Legends, and Epic Games is responsible for possibly the most popular of all, Fortnite.

While each battle royale is unique and carries its own brand of gameplay, they often pull successful features from each other to improve their own title. At the start of Chapter 3, Epic Games added the Tactical Slide to Fortnite, a well-known Warzone feature.

It appears as though Epic is going back to the well with popular leaker, HYPEX, reporting another Warzone feature could be coming to Fortnite. Here's everything you need to know about the Fortnite leak that suggests Epic Games is working on a Tactical Sprint.

Fortnite Tactical Sprint leak HYPEX
A new Fortnite leak suggests a Tactical Sprint could be added to the battle royale controls. (Picture: Epic Games)

Is a Tactical Sprint coming to Fortnite Chapter 3?

HYPEX has become a well-respected Fortnite leaker over recent years, so much so they are verified on Twitter. In another example of their accuracy, the leaker correctly revealed the Tornado Week hotfix ahead of its surprise release by game devs.

The latest report from HYPEX suggests that Epic Games are working on adding another feature made popular by COD Warzone. A tweet on 19th January spelled out the plans from Epic Games as well as how the Tactical Sprint would operate.

It's worth noting that there has been no release date revealed for the Tactical Sprint, and it's entirely possible that Epic Games are simply stashing the feature for a future update. Here's what the renowned Fortnite leaker said about the Tactical Sprint.

From this description, the Tactical Sprint would be an awesome addition to Fortnite, just as the Slide was a well-received feature. Adding more mobility controls is a great way to keep the player-base on their toes, and make sure the title is constantly evolving.

There's been so much content featured already with Chapter 3 marking the return of Tilted Towers, one of the most iconic locations in Fortnite history. Enjoy the latest patch update for the battle royale, and keep an eye out for the potential future addition of a Tactical Sprint.


Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.