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Fortnite Motorboats disabled due to multiple glitches

Developer Epic Games have disabled Fortnite Motorboats after some game-breaking glitches were uncovered.
Fortnite Motorboats disabled due to multiple glitches

The water levels in Fortnite dropped once again on 1st August, this time finally revealing the Coral Castle (aka Atlantis) POI. With the latest drop, a couple of Fortnite glitches pertaining to Motorboats have been discovered. In response, Epic Games have disabled Fortnite Motorboats.


Fortnite Motorboats and glitches

On 3rd August at roughly 08:00 UK time, Epic Games announced they had to temporarily disabled Fortnite Motorboats. This comes after two huge glitches were uncovered in Fortnite Battle Royale.

At the time of writing, there is no indication from the developer when Motorboats will return to the game. All we know for now is Motorboats are disabled in all Fortnite game modes.



Since the water levels dropped to reveal the Coral Castle POI, players have found some game-breaking Fortnite glitches.

One glitch allows players to harvest infinite items, simply by quickly switching between the item they wanted to duplicate and their pickaxe while jumping onto the Motorboat.




This glitch, of course, allows players to get a massive advantage in a match. However, infinite item glitch thanks to Motorboats is arguably not even the worst, as another glitch allows players to clip outside the map, effectively making them impossible to target.

Players who rode into the waterfall with a Motorboat near the new POI, Coral Castle, were able to glitch themselves outside of the map. However, these players would still take drowning damage, and succumb to drowning after some time. 



These types of game-breaking Fortnite glitches obviously need to get patched out as soon as possible, which is why Epic Games decided to disable Fortnite Motorboats while they work on fixing these issues.

Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long for the developer to fix the Motorboat issues. Since we still don't have cars in Fortnite, the means of transportation are getting slim.