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Pokimane Fortnite skin created by a fan is fantastic

A fan has created an in-game render of a Fortnite Pokimane skin and she absolutely loves it.
Imane “Pokimane” Anys, for all five people who still don't know, is one of the biggest Twitch streamers out there. While she doesn't play as much Fortnite as she used to, she already has an emote in the game. Now, a fan has created an in-game render of a Fortnite Pokimane skin, and it is simply fantastic.


Pokimane Fortnite skin fan creation

In a recent YouTube video, Pokimane looked over some of the best creations of her, from concept-art of a Fortnite Icon Series skin to a full in-game render of a Fortnite Pokimane skin, and she loves it.

Pokimane first talked about the Icon Series concept art from artist D3NNI, before shuffling through some more fan-created art. Then, the streaming superstar landed on the full in-game rendered Fortnite Pokimane skin from Trimix.

You can check out the Pokimane Fortnite skin in the video below starting at the 3:06.



Pokimane explained how great the creation really is, noting her hair would be very difficult to render: "It's so hard to render hair like mine! Because it's not fully curly but it ain't straight. It's like wavy and curly."

It turns out the fan had to use two hair models on top of each other to get the exact hair look for the Pokimane Fortnite skin. It is very clear Pokimane loves these fan creations, and they even use her branded merchandise.

The Twitch star admitted how she doesn't play Fortnite as much as she used to in the past. However, she would gladly return to the game to use this custom skin when she plays again.


Pokimane Fortnite skin
Pokimane talks about the custom Fortnite skin (Picture: Pokimane YouTube)


Keep in mind this is a fan creation, and it isn't available in the game for players to purchase. Yes, you can't throw your V-Bucks at the Fortnite Store for this Pokimane skin, unfortunately. 

While Pokimane wishes Epic Games would let people use custom, fan-created skins, this will likely never happen.