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Fortnite player Wrigley responds to FNCS removal with open letter to Donald Mustard

Following the removal of his team from the FNCS NA East competition, Wrigley has responded with an open letter to Epic Games' Donald Mustard.
On 15th March, we reported how a Fortnite Trios team was kicked from the FNCS NA East following a player called Wrigley telling Epic Games' Chief Creative Officer, Donald Mustard, to "Like literally f%$king k!ll your$elf". Now, Fortnite player Wrigley has responded with an open letter to Donald Mustard following the aftermath of his social media antics.

Wrigley's open letter to Donald Mustard

Due to Wrigley's comment directed at Donald Mustard on Twitter, the entire team was banned and it appears they didn't get any prize money at all. The FNCS NA East tournament had a prize pool of 690,000 USD which means this was a massive opportunity for all players.

Now, Wrigley has posted an open letter to Donald Mustard. In the letter, Wrigley apologizes and asks Epic Games to put his teammates, Dictating and Userz, back on the leaderboard and only disqualify himself.

Fortnite player Wrigley donald mustard open letter FNCS NA East(Picture: Twitter via Wrigley)


To be fair, his teammates didn't do anything wrong. However, in a professional esports environment, all players need to understand they shouldn't break the rules.

The rules section which was violated says players need to be respectful to event administrators, other players, and tournament sponsors. 

Telling the Chief Creative Officer of Epic Games, or anyone really, to go kill themselves is clearly in violation of these rules. Wrigley isn't contesting this and is simply asking that his teammates do not get punished for his actions.

At the time of writing, Epic Games has not responded to Wrigley's open letter, or his request to get his teammates back on the leaderboard.