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Fortnite Predator Quests Guide: How to find Mysterious Pod

Here's how you can complete the Predator quests in Fortnite in one handy guide, with the exact location of the Mysterious Pod.
Fortnite Predator Quests Guide: How to find Mysterious Pod

With Fortnite v15.20, the secret Battle Pass skin has been confirmed as Predator, the iconic, deadly hunter. The update brings four new quests which players can complete no their way to unlocking the Predator skin, with the first one tasking players to find the Mysterious Pod.

Here's what you need to know in order to find the Mysterious Pod, which is Predator's ship, as well as additional quests and rewards.

How to find Mysterious Pod in Fortnite

In the forest near the Stealthy Stronghold POI, the next part of the Fortnite Season 5 event is unfolding, with clues towards the secret Battle Pass skin, which is the Predator.

FortnitePredatorInside.jpg?_t=1610535192(Picture: iFireMonkey)

It appears there's an invisible enemy stalking players while leaving behind clues in the forest at Stealthy Stronghold. Players are tasked to find the Mysterious Pod, which is basically Predator's ship. 

We aren't going to beat around the bush here. To find the Mysterious Pod in Fortnite, simply follow the map below.

fortnitePredatorMapfind.jpg?_t=1610535213(Picture: Epic Games)

With this map, you will be able to find the Mysterious Pod with ease, collect some great loot in a chest, and complete the Fortnite Predator quest.


Fortnite Predator quests & rewards

Players will be rewarded with a nice Predator spray and Banner for completing quests in Fortnite with the v15.20 update.

The known Predator quests are:

  • Find the Mysterious Pod
  • Talk to Beef Boss, Remedy and Dummy
  • Collect Medkits
  • Collect Legendary Weapons or Rarer

These quests are all very self-explanatory to complete after you've followed our guide to finding the Mysterious Pod.

You simply need to speak to the NPCs Beef Boss, Remedy and Dummy. Then, you can collect some Medkits around the map, which you should complete with any match, as well as a Legendary Weapon. 

In terms of rewards, the main reward not-yet-released is the secret Predator skin the Fortnite Battle Pass. However, there are also some other rewards such as a Predator Banner and Spray which you can unlock.

Predator Spray:

F1520predatorspray.jpg?_t=1610530066(Picture: HYPEX)

Predator Banner:

F1520predatorbanner.jpg?_t=1610530100(Picture: HYPEX)

Predator is expected to become a boss in Fortnite, with sound queues for becoming alert/aware of players in the vicinity.

Players will likely need to take out the iconic alien being to complete more quests for the secret Battle Pass skin in upcoming updates.