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Fortnite v21.30 Update – How To Get Prime Shotgun, Stats, More

A new weapon is arriving on the Fortnite Island, so here's everything about the Prime Shotgun, including stats and how to get it in Fortnite.
Fortnite v21.30 Update – How To Get Prime Shotgun, Stats, More

The Summer season is heating up on Fortnite as Epic Games launches the v21.30 update for Chapter 3 Season 3. As players lounge in pools, enjoying ice cream cones under the Reality Tree, there will be plenty of reasons to celebrate with new content arriving in-game.

The latest update will feature a new weapon, the Prime Shotgun, which should get you "primed and ready" for the summer. We explore everything about the new weapon, including its weapons stats and how you can find it in Fortnite.

What is the Prime Shotgun in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3?

The Prime Shotgun is a newly introduced weapon arriving in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 in the v21.30 update. This weapon is a semi-automatic shotgun that deals massive damage when reloaded with a burst fire spread of nine bullets which comes in various rarities, including the following listed below:

  • Common Prime Shotgun
  • Uncommon Prime Shotgun
  • Rare Prime Shotgun
  • Epic Prime Shotgun
  • Legendary Prime Shotgun
  • Mythic Prime Shotgun (only available through Creative Mode)

Fortnite Prime Shotgun Weapon Stats

The Prime Shotgun will fair best at close quarters and mid-range combat based on its damage and DPS stats. Their standard damage per shot ranges from 75.9 (Common rarity) to 96.3 (Mythic rarity), while the damage per second (DPS) will come in between 79.4 (for Common) and 101.1 (for Mythic).

It differs when the weapon is reloaded as it can deal damage between 113 (Common) and 144 (Mythic), while its DPS comes in between 118.65 (for Common) and 151.2 (for Mythic). Across all rarities, the Prime Shotgun utilizes shotgun shells for ammunition with a mag size of four rounds and a reload speed of 4.5 seconds.

fortnite chapter 3 season 3 v21.30 update new weapon prime shotgun weapon stats common rarity
The weapon stats for the Common Prime Shotgun have leaked ahead of the v21.30 update. (Picture: Twitter / iFireMonkey)

Based on the abovementioned stats, this may give players some complications due to prolonged reloading speed. Furthermore, as it deals more damage when completely reloaded and can only hold four rounds, players frequently have to reload to maximize the weapon's unique damage-dealing capabilities.

Regardless, it's still a highly effective weapon to be utilized in intense firefights, thanks to its firing range and excessive damage output. If close to enemies, they can further boost the weapon's capabilities with its critical hit damage of 1.65x for maximum damage.

How to get the Prime Shotgun in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3?

fortnite chapter 3 season 3 v21.30 update new weapon prime shotgun how to get locations
The Prime Shotgun can be easily found on the ground and inside chests during matches in Fortnite. (Picture: Epic Games)

According to a blog post from Epic Games, there are several ways players will be able to find this weapon in Fortnite. The developer revealed that it could be found on the "ground, Chests, Supply Drops, Reality Saplings, fishing, and sharks."

The addition of a new weapon will heat things on the Fortnite Island as we can expect massive firefights to claim the Victory Royale. With plenty of events to look forward to, there's no better opportunity to put this weapon to good use during the Summer Celebrations.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.

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