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Fortnite Raz's Explosive Bow: How to get, stats and Glyph Master Raz location

Here's how you can get your hands on the new Mythic weapon in Fortnite called Raz's Explosive Bow, as well as its stats and how to find the NPC.
With every Fortnite update, things change and new stuff gets added. This is no different in the Fortnite v16.30 update, and we've covered the patch notes as well as the leaked cosmetics. We've also got a guide to getting your hands on the Unstable Bow. However, that isn't the only new weapon added to the game. There's also Raz's Explosive Bow, a new Fortnite Mythic weapon players can acquire. Here's everything you need to know about Raz's Explosive Bow, including how to get it, the stats, and where the NPC can be found.

How to get Raz's Explosive Bow in Fortnite

To get your hands on Raz's Explosive Bow, you will need to kill Glyph Master Raz at The Spire. This is quite a difficult NPC to take down, so first gear up and shield up before engaging.

Follow the steps below to get Raz's Explosive Bow:

  • Launch into a Battle Royale match.
  • Drop down at or close to The Spire.
  • Search for items in chests to gear up.
  • Find Raz patrolling the area.
  • Unload all your bullets into Raz and protect yourself if possible.
  • Kill Raz and pick up his Explosive Bow.

A clip from SypherPK's stream showcases how to kill Glyph Master Raz quite easily and get your hands on the new Mythic weaopn.

Glyph MasterRaz hits hard and even has a new ability to damage players, so remember to first gear up and get some shields before taking on the NPC. It is recommended that you take him out with a group, as doing it solo will be tough, to say the least.


Fortnite Raz's Explosive Bow stats

As with all Mythic items, Raz's Explosive Bow is extremely powerful. Its effect is launching three bombs on impact, dealing a tonne of AOE damage.

Fortnite Raz's explosive bow how to get mythic weapon stats raz npc location(Picture: iFireMonkey)

The stats for this new Mythic weapon are:

  • Ammo: Arrows
  • Reload time: 0.9 seconds
  • Damage to a player: 98
  • Magazine size: 1

Judging by the stats for Raz's Explosive Bow, you will be able to nearly one-shot an enemy who doesn't have any shields up. Quickly switch to another weapon after firing to finish off your opponent.

New Glyph Master Raz NPC location

As we've discussed at the start of the article, you will need to defeat the Glyph Master Raz NPC to get his Mythic bow, and the first step is to find his location.

Fortnite Raz's explosive bow how to get mythic weapon stats raz npc locationThe Fortnite v16.30 map (Picture: FunGameLeaks)

As you can see on the map above, Glyph Master Raz is located at The Spire, which is the central point of the map.

This area will be highly contested by players but if you can kill Glyph Master Raz, he will drop the Mythic Explosive Bow.