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Fortnite Season 5 Razor Crest Location: Beskar Mandalorian challenge

Here's how you can complete one of the first Fortnite Season 5 challenges called Beskar Mandalorian Challenge by visiting the Razor Crest location.
With Fortnite Season 5 now released, there's a brand-new 100 tier Battle Pass to level up. On the first tier sits the long-awaited Mandalorian skin, with a quest for you to complete. It is called the Beskar Mandalorian challenge, and it is one of the first Fortnite Season 5 challenges players will jump on. Here's how you can complete this challenge by finding the Razor Crest location in Fortnite Season 5.

Fortnite Season 5: Razor Crest location

With the map changing after the massive Nexus War event which saw players fight Marvel supervillain Galactus, not everything is as it was. 

FniteMandoS5.jpg?_t=1606908970(Picture: Epic Games)

There are new points of interest in Fortnite Season 5, and one of them is the Razor Crest location.

The Beskar Mandalorian challenges unlock a new armour piece for the skin, the right shoulder piece. A hint towards the location reads: "Cargo went flying. Better track it down. Landing was a little rough. Better check the Razor Crest."

All you need to do is travel to the location below to complete the first Beskar Mandalorian challenge.


FniteS5MandoChallenge1.jpg?_t=1606909022(Picture: Epic Games)

Once you are at the location, you simply need to jump on the ship to complete the challenge.

Watch out not to anger the actual Mandalorian NPC patrolling the area, as he is very deadly, to say the least.

Since you know the location of the Razor Crest well with the provided map, you might want to fly straight to it and land on it at the start of a match. This area will be highly contested, so you've been warned.