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Fortnite star Bizzle signs with FaZe Clan

One game's biggest players didn't wait long to join a new org.
It didn't take long for Timothy "Bizzle" Miller to find a new home after he, alongside Aydan  Conrad, decided to leave Ghost Gaming, announcing via social media he's now part of FaZe Clan.



Ghost Gaming’s organization is under immense financial pressure owing to the COVID-19 pandemic and have had to release their players including their successful Rocket League team, Bizzle revealed he became a free agent on 3rd April.

“I have mutually parted ways with Ghost Gaming. Ghost was my first org and the true start to my gaming career, from Pax West to Dreamhack they have been there for me."



One of the highest-rated and earners in all of Fortnite - accumulating more than $590,000 as of 2020 - will now find himself in the same roster as other big stars such as Nate Hill, Kolbe "Diggy" Gordon, Daniel "Dubs" Walsh, and Noam "Megga" Ackenine.

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