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Fortnite streamer Arab banned for second time

Recent reports surfaced suggesting that a popular Fortnite streamer was banned again by Twitch as the streaming platform has taken action. Here's everything we know so far after it came out that Fortnite streamer Arab was banned for a second time.
It was a massive year for both Fortnite and Twitch as some of the top streamers of the year chose to play Epic Games' battle royale for their audience. Fortnite is in Chapter 3 of its storyline, featuring tons of new content including a new map, battle pass, NPC's, and much more.

With the title remaining amongst the most popular battle royales, its player and streamer base have continued to grow. Well-known content creator, Arab, is a popular Fortnite streamer who has recently taken to the IRL streams section.

Arab was recently banned from the platform, and this isn't the first time he's been disciplined. Here's everything we know so far after it came out that Fortnite streamer Arab was banned for a second time.

Fortnite Arab Streamer IRL Twitch
Arab has recently been producing IRL streams. (Picture: ArabTwitch)

Arab banned for the second time on Twitch

According to a recent series of tweets from Arab's social media, the popular Fortnite streamer has been banned from Twitch. This is the second time he's been banned by the streaming platform, and punishments tend to get progressively worse.

The reasoning cited for the Twitch ban was "Inciting Harassment" of a viewer, with the ruling said to be in effect for the next 14 days. Arab seems to be very confused by the sanctioning, and claims he has not incited the harassment of any of his viewers.

Here is the series of posts from the content creator citing his latest 14-day Twitch ban, the second of his streaming career.

We'll be sure to follow the story for any breaking developments or further statements from Twitch/Arab. Make sure to keep up with our dedicated Twitch page for all the biggest news from gaming's top streaming platform.

Featured image courtesy of Arab.