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Fastest-growing Twitch streamers to watch in 2022

These are the top ten Twitch channels that exploded in 2021 with a huge spike in following. Check out the fastest-growing Twitch streamers to watch in 2022, as these channels gear up for a major year ahead.
The year is wrapping up and it's time to look ahead to what 2022 has in store. Twitch has gone to another level of popularity in recent years as the clear leader in the world of esports and gaming, and the platform seems poised for another massive year.

Twitch appeals to so many different audiences, with a category list ranging from first-time player streams to esports tournaments. And there's much more than just gaming, some streamers go online to do a cooking show, while others hop on just to chat, as well as ASMR and more.

Peeking ahead to 2022, things are looking exciting for a number of young stars in the making, with these ten rising to the top of the charts on a yearly snapshot of viewership. Here are the top ten fastest-growing Twitch streamers to watch in 2022, as these channels gear up for a major year ahead.

Twitch categories phone streaming
The possibilities are endless to stream all types of content on Twitch. (Picture: Twitch)

Fastest-growing Twitch streamers to watch in 2022

With so many channels around the world providing content, Twitch has endless hours of streaming to enjoy. Some are seasoned and trained professionals, and some will just play casually, stopping regularly to interact with their audience.

This list will include the top ten fastest-growing Twitch streamers over the past year for you to watch in 2022, as these channels gear up for a big year ahead.

xQcOW Twitch stream
xQcOW had a massive year in 2021, gaining over 5 million followers. (Picture: xQcOW)

1. xQcOW - 5.2 million followers gained in 2021

The last year was a huge one for xQcOW as he leads the list with the most followers gained of any channel in 2021. He played mainly GTA V and had a large bulk of Just Chatting streams as well. Look for him to keep up the activity as one of the leading streamers going into 2022.

Adin Ross Twitch Stream live
It was a big year for AdinRoss boosting his channel by over 4.5 million followers in 2022. (Picture: AdinRoss)

2. AdinRoss - 4.8 million followers gained in 2021

The second fastest-growing channel of 2021, AdinRoss also made a huge mark streaming GTA V and engaging in Just Chatting streams. He also sprinkled in some NBA 2K22 playing some competitive games with large wagers on the line.

Auronplay Twitch Stream Minecraft
Auronplay had a massive year streaming Minecraft. (Picture: Auronplay)

3. Auronplay - 4.6 million followers gained in 2021

It was a big year on Minecraft for auronplay, gaining over 4.6 million followers in the last 365 days. In addition to Minecraft, auronplay also played a lot of GTA V, as well as a touch of Rust.

Tommyinnit Twitch stream
Almost exclusively streaming Minecraft, tommyinnit had a massive rise in 2021. (Picture: tommyinnit)

4. Tommyinnit - 4.5 million followers gained in 2021

Another major Minecraft streamer, tommyinnit hardly streams anything else. The 17-year-old gained over 4.5 million followers in 2021, and he should be set for an even bigger year in 2022.

Ibai Twitch Stream
Ibai is not only a streamer, but also an esports commentator. (Picture: Ibai)

5. Ibai - 4.4 million followers gained in 2021

The former presenter for G2 Sports and esports commentator, Ibai had a big 2021 spiking his channel's popularity with over 4.4 million followers gained. His most common stream was actually Just Chatting, but Ibai also played a fair amount of Minecraft and League of Legends.

Heelmike Twitch stream
The popular Fortnite streamer had a massive year of content in 2021. (Picture: Heelmike)

6. Heelmike - 4.1 million followers gained in 2021

The enigmatic Fortnite player is a member of G2 esports and flew up the charts in 2021 for his entertaining streams. Heelmike also streamed a touch of Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and GTA 5, as well as a good portion of Just Chatting streams to round out his base.

Juansgarnizo Twitch Stream
Juansgarnizo streams all types of content, a big reason why his viewer base has grown so rapidly. (Picture: Juansgarnizo)

7. Juansgarnizo - 3.6 million followers gained in 2021

The variety Twitch streamer touches many different fields of content, and his massive spike in following during 2021 is proof of that. Playing Minecraft, GTA V, Rust, Warzone, Fortnite, Ark: Survival Evolved, and more, Juansgarnizo's channel has something for everyone.

Ranboolive Twitch Stream
The mysterious Minecraft streamer had a big 2021, enough to land him the 8th spot on this list. (Picture: Ranboolive)

8. Ranboolive - 3.6 million followers gained in 2021

Streaming almost exclusively Minecraft, Ranboolive built a massive fanbase for himself to the tune of 3.6+ million new followers in 2021. Only streaming since September of 2020, it's been an impressive rise for Ranboolive, look for him to continue the trend in 2022.

TheGrefg Twitch Stream
TheGrefg rose so high in popularity that he got his own skin in Fortnite. (Picture: TheGrefg)

9. TheGrefg - 3.5 million followers gained in 2021

The Spanish content creator boasts a following of over 17 million on YouTube and has now grown his Twitch following rapidly. After getting his own skin as part of the Fortnite content creator series, TheGrefg boomed to the tune of 3.5 million new followers on Twitch.

Tubbo Twitch Stream
The popular Minecraft streamer also dabbled in CS:GO during 2021. (Picture: Tubbo)

10. Tubbo - 3.2 million followers gained in 2021

A close friend of tommyinnit and a fellow Minecraft streamer, Tubbo is also an avid musician, with Spotify and YouTube channels to highlight his work. He streamed mostly Minecraft and had Just Chatting periods with his audience, as well as a touch of CS: GO.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitch.