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Fortnite teases Mistborn crossover

In a crossover no one expected, Epic appears to have teamed up with author Brandon Sanderson to incorporate characters from the best-selling Mistborn series to the hit Battle Royale. Best get burning that metal, allomancers.
In a move so far out of left field not even a Steel Inquisitor could have foreseen it, Fortnite seems to be getting a crossover with Mistborn, a best-selling fantasy novel series written by renowned author Brandon Sanderson.

In a cryptic tweet made earlier today on the Fortnite Twitter account, a quote from the opening chapter of Mistborn: The Final Empire is pictured alongside a symbol that pervades the series. “You’re the one they call the survivor;” the quote reads, “those scars on your arms give you away. You’re a troublemaker.”

Fortnite mistborn

That symbol for iron suddenly looks quite familiar. (Picture: Brandon Sanderson)

The troublemaker in question? Kelsier, an eponymous “Mistborn” and rebel firebrand, aka the Survivor of Hathsin. In the series, he wields allomancy - a hereditary form of magic that allows users to metabolise or “burn” various metals to create powerful effects, from limited telekinesis to emotional manipulation - but it seems unlikely he’ll have those powers when he’s made available in-game. Or if, for that matter. There’s been no official confirmation on kelsier’s inclusion as yet, despite the blatant teasers.

What is likely to be joining Kelsier in the Battle Royale will be his iconic Mistborn cloak, with its ethereal ribbon-like appearance and appropriately shadowed hood, along with his gritty will to survive against the odds. Not a bad trait to take into Fortnite, all things considered.

It is still unknown whether or not Kelsier will be joined by other Mistborn characters, like Vin, or even characters from other Sanderson works (The Stormlight Archive’s Kaladin springs to mind). The extent of the crossover is still very much unclear.

Until then, fans and players will have to wait for more information on this intriguing collaboration… and maybe watch how much metal they’re carrying.