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Fortnite v12.10 Patch Notes: Scoped Assault Rifle, Proximity Mines, New Skins, Llamas & Bug Fixes

Fortnite is currently down for maintenance ahead of the release of v12.10 and the update will go live a couple of hours after the planned downtime of 4 AM ET (0900 UTC). Patch notes, Proximity Mines, Heavy Scroped AR and Deadpool spray info inside!
Fortnite is currently down for maintenance ahead of the release of v12.10 and the update will go live a couple of hours after the planned downtime of 4 AM ET (0900 UTC) here is all the info we have ahead of the patch.

So far it looks like along with a number of bug fixes, there will be new weapons, skins, and Deadpool challenges and unlocks. We can also confirm the return of Llamas to the game!



This page will be updated with information as it comes out.


New Weapons

Thanks to Fortnite Data miner @HYPEX we can reveal the addition of two new weapons to the game. It is not yet clear if these will be available in Save The World or Battle Royale Mode and if they will be in the game with the release of v12.10. What we do know is they are coming soon



A new scoped AR is entering the game, an old favourite is getting an upgrade. The scoped AR has been vaulted since v11.0 and it is not year clear with the introduction of this new purple and gold variant if the the old blue one will be making an appearance. This thing was deadly in the right hands so if it does reappear expect it to become meta.



This fast-firing SMG will be most effective when fired in short bursts goes the description. Its use in Battle Royale, with the ability to throw up walls, may make this gun quite limited.



The proximity mine that was leaked last week has made its way into creative with no word yet if it is in the BR game mode itself.

New Skins

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 has plenty of opportunity for new skins and here are just some that may be making an appearance in the latest update.



Assassin Fishstick is looking smart in his suit and tie.


Deadpool Challenge & Rewards

The Deadpool rewards for this week are a couple of Deadpool inspired sprays.


The challenges for Deadpool for week 3 and 4 will involve players finding Deadpool's katana and toilet plunger.


Bug fixes

While Epic has stopped providing full and detailed patch notes thanks to the Fortnite game Trello board we can piece together the likely bug fixes which should appear in v12.10

General Issues

  • Players' Flair style of the Y0ND3R Outfit may have been locked upon the launch of v12.00.
  • Big Haul Glider variant may not unlock when unlocking the Shadow or Ghost variant for Brutus.

Battle Royale Issues

  • XP gained from some XP Coins may not appear on the Season Level XP bar, despite appearing as collected.
  • Players may be unable to place a trap if the trap icon hasn't finished loading.
  • Players on controller may be unable to close the map with the map input if the input is bound to directional pad up.
  • Teammate arrows may flicker/temporarily disappear in Team Rumble.
  • As players hit Weak Points while harvesting, some hits may not register if the weak point is very close to them.
  • In Splitscreen play, Player 1's opening the inventory/menu may stop the action Player 2 is doing with their trigger button.

Creative Issues

  • The Class Selector Device will only work if the Volume Visible setting is set to "on." In all other instances, the Class Selector will not change the player's class.

Save the World Issues

  • Players may be unable to pick up items with the pickup / interact key on PC / Console.
  • Inventory menu may become unresponsive with no way to close it, causing the players to get stuck.
  • Player's may be unable to submit Feedback or Report in the player menus due to controller inputs not functioning properly while the menus are open.
  • Daily Rewards appear delayed by one day. The Daily Reward shown for the day was acquired the day before.
  • The default Hero for each class will appear in the Lobby instead of your chosen Commander. The correct Hero is chosen when loading into a mission.

Mobile Issues

  • We're investigating an issue that is preventing some mobile players from updating the game.
  • Map markers and mission objectives may appear misaligned when zooming in or out of the Battle Royale map.