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Fortnite v12.30 Leaked skins and cosmetics: Deadpool Unmasked, battlebus, & dual pistols, skins, wraps, pickaxes, gliders and backblings

Fortnite’s v12.30 update is live, introducing to the game the Crash Pad and Kingsman umbrella, and also thanks to the army of data miners we also can reveal what skins and cosmetics will soon be making their way to the game.
Fortnite v12.30 is not the biggest update we've had but it certainly beats out the last patch - which only had some minor bug fixes with the Crash Pad and Kingsman umbrella adding some much need variety to the regular game mode.

And as with every new patch as soon as it's out leakers such as Lucas7Yoshi get to work digging through the files and seeing what new additions will be coming to the game soon.

Take note: these skins have no official release date and sometimes they never appear in the game!


Fortnite v12.30 Leaked Skins

Fortnite v12.30 leaked skins
(Credit: Lucas7Yoshi)

Some new skins will be dropping into the item shop including the Special Delivery set which has a distinctly Boxy look. The Quackie Team is also coming soon, and it looks like you will be able to select the colour of your aquatic friend.

Fortnite v12.30 Wraps

Fortnite v12.30 leaked wraps for guns skins cosmetics
(Credit: Lucas7Yoshi)

Fortnite v12.30 Pickaxes and Gliders

Fortnite v12.30 Pickaxes and gliders
(Credit: Lucas7Yoshi)

Fortnite v12.30 Backbling

 Fortnite V12.30 Backbling
(Credit: Lucas7Yoshi)

Some backblings to go with the leaked skins, the Bionic Relay looks particularly sweet, and the Choco Shell and Stella skin above hint at an Easter theme.

Fortnite v12.30 Variant Skin Leaks

Fortnite v12.30 Deadpool variants Peekaboo Nite Fright Rabbit Raider Bunny Brawler
(Credit: Lucas7Yoshi)

Undoubtedly the scariest skin to ever make it to the family-friendly Fortnite. Deadpool Unmasked looks truly terrifying and is just one of a number of scary-looking skins that will soon be making their way to the game. To be honest, if any of these dudes jump in my box I want to be sent back to the lobby.

There is also these cool looking dead pool pistols coming to the game

Deadpool dual pistols hand cannons

And a Deadpool battle bus - it all looks very Halloween themed but we aren't complaining.



Fortnite v12.30 Emotes

Fortnite v12.30 emotes
(Credit: Lucas7Yoshi)