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Fortnite v20.40 patch notes - Sideways Rifle, Minigun unvaulted, 120 FPS, and more

Here are the complete patch notes explaining what is new and changed after the release of the Fortnite Battle Royale 20.40 update on May 17.
Fortnite v20.40 patch notes - Sideways Rifle, Minigun unvaulted, 120 FPS, and more

After a short downtime, Epic Games has finally released the Fortnite v20.40 for its battle royale mode. Although it’s not a big patch, the developers have unvaulted Sideways Rifle and Sideways Minigun. Besides this, the funding for Shield Bubbles vs. Balloons has begun, and the first item that reaches 100% funding will make its way to the loot pool.

Fortnite v20.40 weighs around 3.3 GB for PC players, and one must download it before playing the game. With that being said, let’s dive straight into the detailed changelog of Fortnite 20.40.

Fortnite v20.40 (May 17) patch notes

Sideways weapons are now available in Fortnite
Sideways weapons are now available in Fortnite. (Picture: Epic Games)

Sideways Weapons Unvaulted

The fully automatic, fast-firing assault rifle, Sideways Rifle, is now out of the vault. Apart from this, the Sideways Minigun has also joined Fortnite’s arsenal pool following the release of the 20.40 update. Unlike other weapons, players can only find the Sideways guns in its base variant, and players can upgrade them only at an Upgrade Bench.

Sideways Rifle and Minigun can be found in the Chests and on the ground. 

Bubbles vs Balloons

Vote for your favourite choice
Vote for your favourite choice. (Picture: Epic Games)

Funding has become a traditional way for Epic Games to choose between two essential Fortnite items. This time around, the voting has been conducted between Bubbles and Balloons, and players can cast their vote at various funding stations. The first item that reaches 100% Funded will swiftly enter the loot pool.

Either throw down a Shield Bubble to create a temporary dome invulnerable to explosives and projectiles or attach yourself to become more airborne and agile; it’s totally up to you. 

Fortnite Playstation Shared Wallet

Fortnite Playstation Shared Wallet.
Fortnite Playstation Shared Wallet. (Picture: Epic Games)

Starting with v20.40, V-Bucks purchased on PlayStation may be used across platforms that support Fortnite Shared Wallet (PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Android, and cloud gaming services). The V-Bucks earned through the Battle Pass, Quest Packs, or Save the World will remain synced across all the platforms.

Console Latency Reduction

Epic Games has implemented performance improvements to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles running in 60 FPS, reducing input latency for players who select “Low Input Latency Mode” in the settings. Low Input Latency has been enabled by default.

120 FPS Option for PS5

It’s now easier for PS5 players to enable 120 FPS in Fortnite. Rather than tweaking the console settings, players can directly navigate to Fortnite in-game settings > Video > Toggle the 120 FPS option to get the most out of their console.

Competitive Notes

  • Arena Fill has been enabled.
  • The Sideways Showdown unvaults are not included in competitive playlists.
  • The winner of the Shield Bubbles vs. Balloons vote will not be unvaulted in competitive playlists.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue involving players not receiving social notifications if they were in a match in a party with another player.
  • Fixed an issue involving the UI of the Anvil Rocket Launcher not appearing.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.