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Every Fortnite World Cup double-qualifier ranked by average placement

Every Fortnite World Cup double-qualifier ranked by average placement


The Fortnite World Cup was one of the most-watched and celebrated esports events in the history of the industry, with over $30million going to nearly 200 young players.


But, a select few players qualified for both the solo and duo tournaments, with the potential to make up to $4.5million if they were to win both. These players were arguably the cream of the crop, having mastered Fortnite on multiple fronts.


Obviously, it didn't quite work out this way, but below we've got each double qualifier's average rank, in order. This is their solo placement, plus their duos placement doubled, divided by two.


22. Funk (80.5 average placement)


Funk, pictured right.


FaZe Clan's Funk just couldn't find his... ahem... Funk at the Fortnite World Cup, picking up 0 points in the solo tournament and finishing in 99th place. His duo performance alongside NateHill wasn't much better, and that's really dropped his average placement down.


21. Nicks (72.5)


Young Brazilian nicks seemed an exciting prospect heading into the World Cup. He's constantly dominated his region and looked like an exciting star-to-be, but unfortunately it wasn't to be as he faltered in both solo and duo tournaments.


20. Letw1k3 (61.5)


Letw1k3 and his duo fwexy were both double qualifiers, but neither managed to make much progress, placing 32nd in the duo tournament. Letw1k3 then placed 59th in solos to hold his average placement down.


19. Aqua (48)


Perhaps due to the emotions of winning the duo tournament affecting him, Aqua really brought his average down in solos, placing 94th – besides Funk, the lowest in this list. Regardless, that $1.5m duo win won't leave him too upset.


18. Fwexy (47.5)


Much like teammate letw1k3, fwexy struggled in New York, hardly making a mark on the lobby at all. As one of EU's top duos, they will both be disappointed with their performances.


17. Klusia (44.5)


After a Week 5 solo qualification and Week 10 duo qualification, Klusia bided his time gaining double qualification. The 18-year-old Dane stayed in the top half of competitors for both solos and duos, but really didn't do much when the pressure heated up.


16. Clix (44)


Clix came an impressive 18th in the solo tournament, but a slow day on Saturday meant his duo placement was pulled down. Since the World Cup ended, Clix has already announced that he and Sceptic will no longer be teaming together in future events, so there were obviously some difficulties between the two at the World Cup.


15. K1ng (41.5)


K1ng went relatively unnoticed during the duo tournament, but the 13-year-old Argentinian threatened to steal the show – were it not for Bugha's insane performances – with his aggressive playstyle being a continuous source of excitement and action. He placed 5th in solos and took home $900,000.


14. Megga (38)


Megga and teammate Dubs – also double-qualified – came 7th in the duos tournament, and even before the event this was clearly both players' strong suits. However, Megga fell short in solos with a 62nd place.


13. Kinstaar (36)


Kinstaar is one of the better known players in EU, but coming 26th and 23rd in solo and duo respectively was likely far below his personal expectations.


12. Ceice (33)


100 Thieves' Ceice was one of the fan-favourites heading into the duo tournament alongside Elevate, and the two gave their fans something to cheer about as they placed third at the event. However, a placement of 60th in the solos tournament really brought his average down.


11. Stompy (32)


Again, Stompy was one of the favourites for both tournaments – I definitely predicted he and Tschiiinken to win the duo tournament. Instead, they came dead in the middle, but Stompy made up for it by coming 14th in solos.


10. 4DRStorm (31.5)


Storm started his weekend by coming 12th in duos, but struggled to match the big hitters when the solo tournament started and came 39th there.


9. Arkhram (31.5)


100 Thieves' youngest pickup, 15-year-old Arkhram, played pretty well throughout the duos tournament and ended up placing fifth. However, his 53rd place finish in solos left a lot to be desired.


8. MrSavage (28.5)


Credit: AFP


MrSavage played well at the World Cup, but by his standards, he could have done a lot better. He hardly scratched the surface of his overall potential and will be kicking himself for not doing better.


7. Benjyfishy (26.5)


Benjy had a great thumbs-up moment and proved himself a natural crowd-pleaser, but like duo partner MrSavage, he definitely could have done better. Both were looked at as top duo and solo prospects ahead of the event and, whilst they played well, they didn't hit the top tier they were expected to.


6. Crue (25)


Crue was a name not many were speaking about before the event, but after coming 22nd in duos and 6th in solos, he proved he is one of the best Fortnite players in the world. Crue is definitely one to watch going forward.


5. Zayt (22)


Zayt is definitely better known for his duo play, and he spent five of the six duo matches atop the leaderboard. It was only in the final match that he and Saf dropped all the way down to 4th and scarpered their chances at championship glory. In the solo portion, he managed a decent 36th.


4. Dubs (14.5)


Megga's duo, the two had vastly different experiences in the solo tournament. Where as Megga placed 62nd, Dubs was able to place 15th, just a few points off top 10. He played well and proved he's got a bright future in Fortnite.


3. Skite (13.5)


Frenchman Skite is someone I expected to underperform; he's always been amongst the top players but has slowly been faltering as time has gone on, seemingly losing the tenacity he once had. Instead, he went in and placed 7th in the solo tournament and top 10 with teammate Vato.


2. EpikWhale (13.5)


EpikWhale only became double-qualified in the final week of qualifications, when he got in with new teammate Storm in their first attempt together. I had him down as a dark horse at the event and he proved me right, coming in third in the solos competition.

1. Mongraal (12.5)



This won't be much of a surprise to anyone, with the Brit going into the tournament as one of the favourites. Placing top six (12th to find the average) in the duo tournament and 13th in the solo tournament, FaZe Clan's Mongraal was incredibly consistent at the Fortnite World Cup and proved himself to be one of the best Fortnite players in the world.

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