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Fortnite x Batman: How to get new exclusive skins and more

A new collab between Epic Games and DC will bring Fortnite to life in comics, along with several exclusive skins Fortnite x Batman skins.
During Season 5 of Fortnite, also known as Zero Point, there were many in-game crossovers thanks to Jonesy's parallel journeys in his quest to save reality and prevent an unprecedented catastrophe.

Characters from many franchises such as Halo, God of War, and Street Fighter, and even from movie classics such as Alien and Terminator, were present all around the map with some even appearing in the season-ending cinematic.

However, outside of the battle royale Epic Games and DC Comics signed a big collaboration that will lead Fortnite into their comic book catalogue, having one of the most unexpected but exciting crossovers for many, Batman.

Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point

Starting on 20th April and over the next few months, the new Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point comic series will be available in different parts of the world in both physical and digital format, for a total of six volumes to be produced during 2021.

Fortnite x Batman how to get exclusive skins comic book DC epic games(Picture: DC / Epic Games)

But, this announced collaboration has decided to go one step further by announcing that each of these volumes in physical format will have a code included that will allow unlocking up to six exclusive skins within the game. 


How to get Fortnite x Batman skins

The first announced being Rebirth Harley Quinn.

Fortnite x Batman how to get exclusive skins comic book DC epic games(Picture: DC / Epic Games)

In addition, all those who manage to collect the six available codes will be able to get an additional reward in the form of the limited Armored Batman Zero skin. All codes will expire until 1st May 2025.

The next issues of the comics will be out on 4th and 18th May. Later, there will be more issues released on 1st and 15th June. The series will conclude on 6th July with the publication of the last volume.

"All Batman, Fortnite fans, stunning art, and edge-of-seat excitement won't want to miss out on the masked man taking on the Fortnite champions on the island, in a desperate attempt to save not only himself but other DC familiar faces", commented Epic Games and DC together.

And by the way, in case you can't physically get these comics, don't worry as these exclusive skins will be available in-game for a limited time starting in June.