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G2 LeTsHe remains banned for FNCS after org fail to get account re-instated

LeTsHe and his trio are automatically disqualified after his account was suspended.
G2 LeTsHe remains banned for FNCS after org fail to get account re-instated

When Fortnite esport player Kevin "LeTsHe" Fedjuschkin revealed on the 19th May that his Epic Games account was suspended for, in LeTsHe's words, "linking (his) Xbox account and Epic accounts", many thought it only a matter of time before the matter was cleared up and he could return to playing.

Time wasn't exactly only LetShe's side, he had been competing in the $200,000 DreamHack Open and was expected to make an appearance in this weekend's finals but that failed to happen after his suspension, depsite the best efforts of the esport organisation he represents, G2 Esports.

And on 22nd May, LeTsHe revealed things have gone from bad to worse, with his account suspended and Epic Games tying qualification to accounts - rather than the person themselves - means he can now no longer take his place in the FNCS semi-finals. The three-heat semi-finals take place tonight, with the top performing teams earning a place in next week's grand finals.

"Unfortunately the situtation still has not been resolved," wrote LeTsHe in a tweet. "I appreciate the hard work of G2 and others trying to solve this."

He continued: "Because of this I can't play FNCS, I'm sad to let everyone down and my fans and want to wish everyone luck this FNCS." 

G2 Esports who had attempted to help their player get unsuspended - and failed - sent a messge of support:

LeTsHe's suspension is not just unfortunate for him but also his teammates who go by "IboooHai" and "Sevenjosh" with Epic not allowing trios to change once qualified.

LeTsHe's situation has raised questions about both the players conduct and also Epic's handling of its professional players, with some in the community questions LeTsHe's reasoning for his suspension while others have lambasted Epic for their stringent rules and lack of communication.

LeTsHe's trio is not the only ones who are unable to play after qualifying and later having their account's suspended. World Cup winner David "aqua" Wang will not be able to compete after one of this teammates, "Veno" was suspended with reports claiming the player was playing on account he had purchased from someone else.

Another pro, "Artox", was also suspended after his account was apparently hacked.

G2 LetsHe fortnite banned FNCS
(Picture: Twitter/@artoxfn)

"They should be treated like normal players in the sense of account recovery, but since he already qualified i dont see why they cant just let him create a fresh account," wrote one fan discussing the players' suspensions on the competitive Fortnite subreddit. "Verify it with Epic of course to make sure its him, and let him play with the fresh account until he either recovers or doesnt recover the old one."

Others were less forgiving: "This guy visited a site he shouldn’t be on, downloaded something he shouldn’t of downloaded, or gave out way too much personal info," wrote u/myrom. "Hard to believe a random hacker man just hopped into this account and started playing games like it was their account."

Whether the accounts were hacked, purchased or erronously suspended, Europe's FNCS isn't quite as stacked as it once was.