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Gamer discovers Fortnite unlimited health glitch

Chapter 2 Season 6 of Fortnite Battle Royale is up and running, though there have already been a number of noticeable bugs that have kept into the battle royale. One Fortnite gamer discovered an unlimited health glitch that simply has to be seen to believe.
Bugs and glitches are simply a right of passage in the world of gaming. Particularly for seasonal titles, which update frequently and change to provide fresh content.

Epic Games Fortnite franchise is certainly no different, as it’s been ultra-popular in recent years. With so many players daily and an update revamping the game every few months, these glitches in the system are to be expected.

Fortnite unlimited health regen glitch

Fortnite Unlimited health glitch
(Picture: Epic Games)

Popular Fortnite player and YouTuber, “OrangeGuy” is back with yet another hack to help you on your way to a victory royale. The YouTube channel has become notorious for seeking out glitches early in the season and exploiting them before they are patched.

To execute this glitch, you’re going to need: a willing teammate, slurp mushroom(s), and a Port-O-Potty (one that you can hide in). Note that it’s best to have multiple Mushrooms and Port-O-Potty’s at your ready, as sometimes the glitch takes more than one attempt.

It will be easier if you can find a less popular area to perform this glitch, that way you can avoid fights. Check out our guide for the Best Landing Spots in Season 6 to find a nice place to get to work.

The Slurp Mushroom usually heals 10 health/shields in a regen style over the course of a few seconds. However, “OrangeGuy” has discovered a way for them to continuously regenerate both health and shield for the remainder of the game.

After breaking down a Port-O-Potty to a one-hit, eat your Slurp Mushroom, instantly hide in the Port-O-Potty, and let your teammate finally break it. You should see your health and shield start to regenerate and they should do this for the remainder of the game.

Remember, sometimes it will take a few tries to start working. So your best bet is to harvest enough Mushrooms and have multiple Port-O-Pottys at your disposal.