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Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy is joining Fortnite

Aloy will arrive in Fortnite with a limited time mode featuring Lara Croft.
Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy is joining Fortnite
Epic Games has announced Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn will be the next crossover character in Fortnite.

Aloy will be the latest addition in the Gaming Legends series, which has seen the likes of Kratos, Master Chief, Lara Croft and Street Fighter’s Ryu join the battle royale.

Aloy will be released on Thursday 15th April with the Horizon Zero Dawn Bundle, which includes the Blaze Cannister Back Bling, the Glinthawk Glider, and Aloy’s Spear Pickaxe. There’s a Heart-rizon emote and Shield-Weaver wrap armour too.

The Horizon Zero Dawn Bundle (Picture: Epic Games) 

All these items can be purchased individually, although you’ll be given Aloy the Skywatcher loading screen as a bonus if you purchase the bundle.

If you purchase the Aloy outfit and play on Fortnite on your PS5, you’ll also unlock the Ice Hunter Aloy Style, based on the Banuk Ice Hunter outfit from Horizon Zero Dawn.

Ahead of Aloy’s official release, players can win the bundle early by competing in the Duos Aloy Cup tournament on 14th April exclusive to PS4 and PS5. The main gimmick in this cup is you’ll get bonus points by eliminating opponents with a bow. 

There's also a limited time mode with Lara Croft (Picture: Epic Games) 

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a limited time mode where Aloy will team up with Lara Croft. In this Duos mode starting 16th April, you’ll be outfitted as either Aloy or Lara within your team, equipped with only Aloy’s bow or Lara’s Dual Pistols. 

The limited time mode runs from 6am PT/2pm BST on Friday 16th April to 6am PT/2pm BST on Sunday 18th April.