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How to complete all Fortnite x Free Guy challenges

Find here all the challenges, how to complete them, and rewards available for the Fortnite x Free Guy event.
How to complete all Fortnite x Free Guy challenges

Following the trend of crossovers from the entertainment industry, a new collaboration has arrived in Fortnite thanks to a partnership between Epic Games and the movie Free Guy, bringing Ryan Reynolds' once again to the battle royale.

The actor known for playing Deadpool has been added to the game with a new skin based on Dude, one of the characters Reynolds plays in the feature film along with Guy, who will interact with players through a series of new challenges within the game.

If you are keen to find out, here is how you can complete them.

Completing all Fortnite x Free Guy challenges

To activate the Free Gu missions, you must go to any ATM and "talk" to it as if this was another of the island's NPCs. Once you do this, the first of these challenges will be enabled, you will have to complete each of these before being able to advance to the next one.

Fortnite Free Guy quests ATM
Look for these ATMs around the map to start the challenges (Picture: Epic Games)

Get hit by moving vehicle (1)

The safest way to complete this mission is by letting a friend take a vehicle and run you over. The other option is to build a ramp, place a vehicle on top, and stand at the foot of the ramp. Once the vehicle collides with you, you will complete the mission, just be careful of the force of the impact.

Fortnite Free Guy quests vehicle
(Picture: Epic Games)

Take melee damage (1)

This mission can be somewhat risky, due to the danger of approaching an enemy head-on, however, we do have a trick for you. For whatever reason, taking damage from an Abductor's Ray Gun from close range also counts for this task. So now you know, accept the mission, go to the alien zone and let them get you up close.

Fortnite Free Guy quests abductors
(Picture: Epic Games)

Place coins around the map (3)

As always with these challenges, the mission itself will mark the locations where you must place the coins. You can also find their locations in the video below, courtesy of HarryNinetyFour.

Talk with any NPC (1)

This will be the simplest of all, so just look for any NPC to interact with and that’s all.

Fortnite Free Guy quests NPCs
(Picture: Epic Games)

Reboot or revive teammates, or interact with campfires (1)

The easiest way to complete this quest is to go to a campfire and interact with it. But if you have a more heroic spirit, then try to enter Squads and save one of your companions.

Fortnite Free Guy quests campfire
(Picture: Epic Games)

Once you have completed these five challenges, you will receive the exclusive "Good Guy" emote as a reward, in addition to activating an extra mission in which you will have to use it near an ATM or an opponent.

Free Guy and Fortnite collaboration will be available from 12th August to 6th September.

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Header image via Epic Games.