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Fortnite x Dragon Ball - How To Open Capsule Corp Capsules

Find out how to open Capsule Corp Capsules around the map during the Fortnite X Dragon Ball event.
Fortnite x Dragon Ball - How To Open Capsule Corp Capsules

During the Fortnite x Dragon Ball event, Capsule Corp Capsules can be found all over the map. These Capsules are full of loot and are one of the easiest methods for obtaining the Mythic items added with the crossover event.

Not only are the Capsules full of some fantastic loot, but they are also one of the central requirements for the Warm Up quests in the first week. You'll need to open up some of the Capsule Corp Capsules from the anime to increase your overall power level. Luckily, finding them is fairly easy, but it can come down to luck in each match.

How to find a Capsule Corp Capsule in Fortnite

Capsules Fortnite Map
Capsules will randomly fall around the map. (Picture: Epic Games)

In each match, these new Capsules will act like loot drops that have been around forever. They fall from the sky with each rotation of the storm or as the circle close. Not only can you see them falling from the sky in bright flames, but you can also find them marked on the map for any players to claim themselves.

Unlike the normal loot drops in the game, the Capsule Corp Capsules are far more common. Nearly four of them will drop at a time and four more will drop with each new circle. If you can survive past the first few minutes in the match, your odds of finding one are much higher.

As long as the symbol for a Capsule is on your map, the container is unclaimed, and you can make your way there. You'll see it glowing in gold once you reach the location and it can be opened like any other container. Inside, you'll find a Nimbus Cloud and the Kamehameha Mythic ability. Sometimes, additional loot can appear as support.

Capsules Loot
Capsules in Fortnite X Dragon Ball contain both Mythic items. (Picture: Epic Games)

What makes opening Capsules a bit more difficult is their random nature. They tend to spawn on the outskirts of the circle, regardless of the storm size. Of course, that can change because their landing spots are entirely randomized. Just be prepared to fight off hordes of players who also want the new abilities.

For those who are just in this for the quest completion, you'll only need to open two of these Capsules to finish the first step. Then you'll get the extra power levels you need for the event and you can move to stage two. There are plenty of other quests over the next few weeks, and you'll likely need to find more Capsules along the way.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.